Flagler County and Palm Coast Home Sellers’ New Strategy: Raise Listing Prices

For years, all we have seen is listing price reductions. Now some sellers are deciding that with the improving market, perhaps their list price is too low.

Palm Coast, FL – June 14, 2013 – Since the housing market crashed, we have become used to seeing real estate listing price reductions as sellers chased declining values, hoping to find a buyer. This buyer’s market mind set persisted for months after data began showing a strong positive shift. Well the buyers and sellers have caught on. In some markets, sale prices are rising noticeably and well priced houses are selling quickly.

GoToby.com analyzed the 12 changes to the MLS listing price of Flagler homes occurring yesterday and today (before 1:00 PM). Here’s what I found:



Old Price

New Price


Lindberg Lane



– $1,000

Florida Park Dr



+ $29,000

Wood Acre Ln



+ $14,500

Leatherwood Dr



+ $49,100

Unison Court



– $5.100

Clement Court



+ $20,000

Uthorne Place



– $14,100

Empress Lane



– $1

Pillory Ln



– $10,000

Woodworth Drive



– $9,000

Morning Light Ct



+ $500

Morning Light Ct



+ $1,400

Total Net Change    

 + $75,299

Home Listing Price Changes in Palm Coast and Flagler County


Clearly, buyers feel confident in testing higher prices as the selection of distressed properties dwindles and selling prices climb. If you are one of the cautious ones waiting for the bottom of the market, look behind you. You missed it.

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