Toby Temporarily Out of Action Due To Injury

Toby suffered a badly fractured pelvis in a fall at his home and is awaiting surgery.

Jacksonville, FL – May 14, 2012Toby Tobin badly broke his pelvis in a fall at his home in Palm Coast last Thursday and currently is awaiting surgery in the trauma center at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville.  Toby will not be able to update until sometime shortly after his surgery, which is scheduled for Tuesday. 

Toby would like to have gotten word out about his injury earlier, letting readers know why he has been unable to update the news on  Unfortunately, Toby has virtually no access to the Internet at the moment.

Toby asked me to express his thanks to those who already have sent their comments and prayers.  Although the recuperative process will be lengthy, he is looking forward to a near-complete recovery.  While Toby is recuperating, will be alive and well.

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  1. Barbara Hayward
    Barbara Hayward says:


    My symphathy for your break is totally with you, broke my R ankle and L foot five weeks ago and have walking boots, which hopefully will be taken off today, so I hope all goes well and you’ll be up and arund soon

  2. Jean & Dave Taylor
    Jean & Dave Taylor says:

    Get well soon!

    Get well soon ! If there is anything you need
    Shirley please give us a call.

    We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers

  3. charles piligian
    charles piligian says:

    get well soon

    In the words of the sergeant in the great tv series NYPDBlue, "be careful out there." This really applies to us senior citizens, and I wish Toby well in his upcoming surgery. Hips and pelvises are very fragile at our age.

  4. Larry Gavrich
    Larry Gavrich says:

    Prayers with you, Toby

    Toby, Here’s wishing you a successful surgery and speedy recovery. We need you back here on the front lines. Kindest regards and wishes.

  5. Richard McGuire
    Richard McGuire says:

    Best Wishes for Speedy Recovery

    Sorry to hear about your injury Toby. I wish you the best. I hope your medical care will be excellent and that that you have a speedy recovery. You maintain a "top notch" real estate website which will be missed while you are away recovering. Best wishes!

  6. Kristeen Carney
    Kristeen Carney says:

    Healing Prayers

    Toby, I am so very sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident. Know that you are in our hearts and prayers. May God be with you through surgery and an accelerated healing process! We all will celebrate upon your healthy return!

  7. Karen E. Joyce
    Karen E. Joyce says:

    Best Wishes

    Thinking of you Toby and wishing you a quick recovery. We will all miss your GoToby updates. We have gotten to rely on you for our latest, up-to-date information in the world of real estate. All the best, Karen

  8. Diana DeVita
    Diana DeVita says:

    Toby’s Fall and Surgery

    You are such a vital person within our community. I so appreciate your dedication to informing us of what’s happening in Palm Coast.
    May your surgery be perfect in correcting your injury and your recuperation period be swift. Sending love and blessing your way. Diana

  9. Jake Sullivan
    Jake Sullivan says:

    Toby Temporarily out of Action

    OMG, we are so sorry. We will pray for a successful surgery and speedy recover. All the best.

    Jake and Robin

  10. GENE
    GENE says:


    Just when it was my turn to buy lunch, there you go, putting yourself out of commission. I tried… lunch is on you.

    Wishing you good luck with your operation and for a speedy recovery.


  11. Marsha and Dave
    Marsha and Dave says:

    We heard the news today from Shirl!

    Hi dear Toby! By golly were we surprised to get Shirl’s call today. We’re really rooting for you and so glad that you’re getting such good care. Hang in there!! Love, Marsh and Dave

  12. Joan Wilson
    Joan Wilson says:

    We are all with you.

    We send you our very best wishes for a speedy recovery! You have a lot of support coming your way!
    Joan Wilson and Jacqueline McCracken

  13. Sandy Pearson
    Sandy Pearson says:


    Toby, so sorry to hear this news. But after surgery you will be up and around in short order. Just can’t keep a good man down!! Best wishes to you and Shirley.

  14. charles toll
    charles toll says:

    get well soon I look forward to yur news

    At our age we should stay off the roof especially since we don’t bounce the way we used to.
    best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  15. Martin Collins.
    Martin Collins. says:

    Best wishes


    I was very sorry to hear about your accident.
    Best wishes for a good surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Martin Collins.
    Prudential Warren

  16. Debby Sclafani
    Debby Sclafani says:

    You will be missed!

    I am so sorry to hear this news. You are a tremendous asset to our community and will be greatly missed. But at this time please focus only on yourself and your recovery. I will be thinking of you & praying for a full speedy painless recovery!

  17. Joelle and Wes Rice
    Joelle and Wes Rice says:


    Sounds painful! Before you know it—you and Shirley will be dancing your feet off. We will be thinking of you both. Wes and Joelle

  18. Michelle Floyd
    Michelle Floyd says:

    I am recovering from a broken pelvis also

    I did not need surgery but the recovery time is long. After 1 month I was able to walk with a walker and go back to work but just sit at my desk. Physical therapy is the key. I resisted but finally went- it makes a world of difference so go as soon as the doctor says it is okay.

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