I have read many of your articles as well as listened to many of your podcasts. It is obvious you are an expert in this market.

Your analysis of the current real estate market is a compelling and interesting one. You Podcasts are equally informative. Thank you for your articulate and well-researched narratives.

I have read several of your articles and your ability to take complex issues & break them down into terms that residents can understand is brilliant.

Just a quick note to say that I read many of your articles and enjoy them being that they are so informative. I am glad to see someone here is on top of things and has statical knowledge of what is going on here in Palm Coast. Most people that live here want to know what is going on in their neighborhood and have nowhere to look. You have filled that void. Thank you very much and please keep these articles coming.

I really enjoy reading your newsletters, facts, and statistics.

It was a sincere pleasure meeting and sitting beside you at last Friday’s meeting. I have always had a great deal of respect and appreciation for all that you do for our community. Your website is a great resource for all!!  Hope to see you again in the near future.

Wow, thank you for choosing my house as House of The Week.  I have had a steady flow of showings and sorry it took me this long to thank you.

Another great and informative article. Thanks for all you do for the Real Estate community and our city!

Thanks very much for the time that you spent with my wife and me. It was extremely beneficial to us in evaluating our options and in allaying many of our concerns. You provide an unbiased perspective, which we greatly appreciate. Your knowledge of the real estate marketplace is quite extensive, and we’re glad that we have the opportunity to gain your insights as we traverse this course, with you guiding us around the potholes. Thanks, Toby, for your guidance and the background information that you have provided to us.

Thank you for your very prompt reply.  I read your web-site often.  Good articles and they’re very well written.

I wanted to compliment you on this type of article. The concise presentation of local development information is exactly what many of us look for. For years, I have read your site weekly, and have come to trust the accuracy and integrity of your reporting.  Prior to retirement, I spent 35 years in the Magazine Publishing business, and have worked with many editors who could take a lesson from you.  Thank you for your website.  Please keep up the great work.

Just had to tell you this is the best websites I have found regarding Palm Coast. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am a realtor in California and have plans on moving to Palm Coast in 2012. Plan on visiting your office.

You’re the greatest. Thanks!!!!

I wanted to thank you for this site. It is fantastic. We have just purchased a condo at Las Brisas and hope to be closing very shortly. We love the Palm Coast area and will be eager to make it our new home. Keep up the great job with the info you share here. I greatly value the site and appreciate all the work to maintain it. Maybe we will meet in Palm Coast in the near future.

I’m considering a sales position at the Cliffs and found your publication of great help in my research on the company. Great Job!

Wanted to let you know your articles were very helpful to me as my firm specializes in private club consulting/management services. We are attempting to provide assistance to these properties. We specialize in providing lenders, developers, and equity boards exit strategies and stategic plans in these types of situations. Your articles helped me “bone up” on the information I needed to be prepared for upcoming meetings.

Your response is brilliant and loaded with what every brilliant riposte has — facts and details. Outstanding.

For most people out here you are the only connection to what is going on, a clearing house of information if you will.

You have done another brilliant job piecing together the puzzle of fraud and decepetion among Ginn, et al.

Well done. You guys are doing a FANTASTIC job  God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job. As always you do not disappoint.

Great summary.

Toby! You are such a good citizen to provide us with your most informing newsletters. I Thank you so very much?

You do such a great job keeping all of us informed on everything………..just wanted to say Thank you.

I love reading your website because you do such a good job of keeping everyone informed on what’s going on.

I sure enjoy reading your almost daily Flagler County Real Estate News.

Once again, (almost tired of complimenting you on your work,) your detail on the local market is pinpoint accurate, useful and educational — Thank you.

I have come to rely on your impartial reporting of the real estate news. I check your site nearly every day for updates. We need you, so please keep up the excellent work!

I, along with many others appreciate the service you provide.

Simply excellent.  Well done Toby!  Extremely well stated.

Thanks, Toby. You are better than Ask Jeeves.

I really enjoy reading your website, you are on the money with everything and very informative. Thank you for caring about Palm Coast and the people of Flagler County.

Just a quick note to let you know how much we citizens of Flagler County apprediate your efforts to keep us informed regarding the real estate market.

As always, your information is so pertinent and timely. Thank you for the continual excellent publication on real estate in the Palm Coast area.

Thanks to you for keeping us all updated on the macerations of the properties in FL. Your service is very appreciated.

My wife and I are getting close to making a retirement decision.  Your site is great and gives us a “street level view” of what is going on in developments throughout the southeast. Please keep it current.  We need your insight and analysis.  Thanks.

Thank you Toby for the inspiration and responding so quickly to my email…I can’t imagine how much e-mail you get….I love your site. Genius of an idea….God bless you and the best of luck with everything…I will stayed tuned…I have a lot of faith in Palm Coast, I would like to write a article to all of the Realtors out there that are so negative….who is going to buy if you have realtors whining about the  market. They need to talk about all the wonderful things we have in out beautiful town. Thank you for your site and giving us some up lifting information

Congratulations on your success.  You can certainly tell you fulfilled a much needed information source.  You do a great job!

Your site is a great place for me to find out what has been going on around town. I own a condo in Canopy Walk. If it wasn’t for your site, I wouldn’t find out what is going on. Thank you. Continue the good work.

You’ve been an asset to the community, not just to your peers, and I salute you!

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  It was my pleasure to meet you.  You are not only knowledgeable, your warmth and freindliness are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your brilliantly written and timely updates. You hear it first from Toby.

Enjoy your newsletter.  It has lots of good information and you do a great job of trying to make sense of this crazy real estate market.

Your website is great!  I recently moved back to IL from Palm Coast after having lived there 9 yrs & read daily newspapers & such but your site is by far the most informative.

We feel so fortunate to be able to read your news every couple of days. You make us feel so part of things while we are in the ”north.”

Keep up the GREAT WORK!! You are the Jersey Shore’s link to Palm Coast real estate.

Thank you for all you do to update our community. Just want to let you know I appreciate you.

I just discovered your site today. Thanks for all of the information about the Ginn Company. I am an owner at Ginn Sur Mer and The BriarRose and began searching for blogs that could shed some light as to what is going on at these locations. Yours is awesome! Thanks again.

I am not surprised by the growth of your web site. Here in the Bahamas I have personally sent your web site to a large number of business associates, the newspapers, family and friends. You are top notch in reporting the facts and eliminating the fluff. Thank you for the outstanding reports about the latest developments in Florida real estate.

By the way, you do a great job with your site.  Very professional and informative.  I’m very impressed!

I have tried to reduce this issue to explain it to others and never could, I can now just hand them a copy of your article. Great job!

As a ”property owner” in the Ginn project in the Bahamas, I would have no indication that there are catastrophic problems with Ginn Sur Mer without the reporting done by Toby. I would not know that Ginn had defaulted on a $675 million credit facility with Credit Suisse in the summer of 2008 and that Ginn Sur Mer was pledged as collateral. I am forever grateful that Toby has taken the time to report on Ginn and I am begging you Toby to keep up the good work. Thank you, sir.

Toby, Good article and, as always, strong on accuracy.

Thanks…..I love your website…….helps keep me informed…..keep up the good work…..

Great article, Toby! GoToby.com is one dynamic site!!

I am an owner of in several Ginn projects and a loyal reader of your site to get information.

Toby, keep up the great work…I not only like and enjoy your site, I need it!

Your website information has gotten a number of us through the last six months and we appreciate your service.

Just had to let you know Toby, that I find your articles well written, and very informative. I would never know anything about all you share, if not for your newsletter. I can’t read them all, but do read most of them. After reading this one (January ’08 Newsletter), I just had to tell you how much we all should appreciate the time and research you put into all these informative articles. I know if I did this work….I would appreciate some positive feedback. You have mine!

Love LOVE your site. As out of town owners you are our primary source of news on Palm Coast real estate!

Thank you for bringing the facts.

Keep up the good work, Toby. Your website and extensive research is important to a lot of people and not just those in Flagler County.

Thanks to you for keeping us all updated on the macerations of the properties in FL. Your service is very appreciated.

Very interesting website you have. Great content. We should’ve bought something in Palm Coast when we visited the Sheraton in the early 1970s!

Thanks, Toby. I really appreciate all the guidance and help you’ve given me. Yesterday, when I was calling local officials here (North Carolina) for information, I had two people ask me if I’d heard of the GoToby site in Florida. I told one of them I had just spoken with you and he went “oooh.” I thought that was funny. Thanks again.

Thank you for providing information about Tesoro that we have not been able to get from Ginn. As a property owner there since 2002, it has been frustrating to be basically stonewalled by those associated with the developer, and we are grateful for your website and the informative articles you have published concerning the latest developments on this sad story.

I check your site daily for reliable news.

I read you site all the time to keep up with Ginn news.

Just wanted to say thanks.  Your presentation was timely, informative, and intriguing.  You generated audience participation and interest, as well as good comments about the day.  You did all I hoped you would do. We appreciate your efforts!

I really enjoy your newsletters.    They should be read by any seller or prospective buyer in the real estate market in the Palm Coast area.   Your analysis, statistics, and sense of the overall tone of the market are without competition.  I often send your newsletters to any prospective player in the market so they can understand the true situation here. Thanks so much for the effort you must put into compiling this information.

You are to be commended for your informative and objective real estate site…unequalled in every sense…and while I exist and work in my world in NJ from April to October, I find a total connection to Palm Coast thru you!

Again your articles help clarify a confusing current and important topic. Thank you for providing such timely and useful information. Hope your website continues its rise in “eyeballs” focused on the real estate affairs of Flagler County. Congratulations on your work