First Store in Palm Coast, Florida’s City Walk Plaza Opening July 12

Bonkers, a hi-tech arcade opens Saturday at 10 am. Free tokens will be given to First Responders (police, fire & EMS personnel) and their families.

Palm Coast, Florida – July 11, 2008 – Bonkers, a hi-tech arcade, opens Saturday, July 12th, the first store to open in the new City Walk Plaza in Palm Coast, Florida. Bonkers is operated by a family with close ties to the NYPD, Coney Island, and first responders everywhere. Retired NYPD detective, Gary Rosen spent his summers at Coney Island as a youngster, enjoying the beach and the amusement area. Later, he was assigned to the 60th Detective Squad, Coney Island.  Rosen, with wife Christine, daughter Jodi, and son-in-law Larry researched the Palm Coast, Flagler County area to see what was missing. What they found were thousands of teenagers with few supervised places to congregate. Combine these findings with Rosen’s Coney Island connection, and Bonkers was born.
For the Saturday Grand Opening, which starts at 10:00 am, the Rosen clan is reaching out to the area’s first responders. Members of the police, fire, or EMS departments and their families will receive free game tokens. Rosen also extends this offer to members of the NYPD 10-13 club (of which he is a member) and their families. The signal 10-13 means an officer needs help. Approximately 400 retired NYPD officers belong to the 10-13 Club, which donates to charities and helps local officers and their families in times of need.
Rosen adds, "Please don’t forget 9/11. 23 New York City Police officers, 343 New York City firemen and 37 Port Authority Police officers gave their lives trying to rescue civilians. Many more have died from exposure to toxic fumes during the rescue and recovery operation."
City Walk is located on Cypress Point Pkwy, southwest of Wal-Mart. It offers 160,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and office space in the five-building complex. It was developed by ASNACO LLC

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