Weather Showdown: Palm Coast vs. Up North

”People don’t like the temperature to be less than their age.”

Palm Cost, FL – January 30, 2011 – Snowbirds, vacationers, and permanent residents alike relish Palm Coast’s weather. They take pleasure in "rubbing it in" when they’re talking with their northern friends and relatives.
I moved south to Charleston, SC from the Rochester, NY area in the mid 80s, then to Palm Coast 11 years ago. My father, who also ended up in Florida, said, "People don’t like the temperature to be less than their age." Screen shots from my iPhone tell the story too. I snapped these while on the Palm Harbor Golf Course yesterday. "Can you hear me now?"
Palm Coast’s average daily high in the month of January is 68º. The average daily low is 46º. January is Palm Coast’s coldest month. All other month have average highs above 70º. Comparitively, Rochester’s January average daily high/low is 31º/17º.
Key: The yellow dots mean sunshine. Enough said!!
Palm Coast, FL weather - from
Rochester, NY weather - from

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  1. TimH
    TimH says:

    What took you so long?

    I couldn’t agree more… as alums of WashDC, Philly and Atlanta… this is the time of year that the ‘perfect storm’ of:
    – weather
    – traffic/congestion
    – taxes
    makes our lovely (and undiscovered) area hard to beat!!
    As our economy becomes more virtual and the opportunity to BLEND the PERSONAL LIFESTYLE YOU DESIRE and the PROFESSIONAL LIFESTYLE YOU NEED becomes more realistic… I believe Palm Coast offers the rare balance.
    We are very lucky… we shouldn’t forget it.

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