Rumored Hammock Beach Resort/RCI Timeshare Connection Not True

Conflicting information at first left the issue cloudy (thus a rumor), but timeshares are not allowed according to Hammock Beach condo documents.

Palm Coast, FL – August 4, 2010 – If rumors about Bobby Ginn and Ginn-LA had calories, I’d weigh more than 300 pounds.  A few words here or a phrase there and pretty soon someone jumps to a conclusion. Like Superman, a leap of logic can take you anywhere. We all do it. One Ginn-related rumor started over last weekend with a phone call – "RCI timeshares were coming soon to the Hammock Beach Resort." I decided to make a few phone calls before posting that juicy rumor.
The story began when a friend of a friend called RCI, which calls itself "the largest timeshare exchange program in the world" to inquire about timeshare availability in the Palm Coast area. She owns RCI timeshares and uses the company’s bank/exchange program to exchange for RCI-affiliated timeshare units in other locations.
The RCI agent she reached first mentioned Celebrity Resorts (next to the Palm Coast Resort). Next, he asked if the caller was familiar with 200 Ocean Crest Drive (Hammock Beach Club). By this time next year, said the agent, RCI would have 28 units available at Hammock Beach. The phone call to me followed closely thereafter.
I first checked the RCI website. It does list the Hammock Beach Club. It describes one, two, and three bedroom units and the long list of Hammock Beach Resort amenities. The rumor was gaining some credibility.
Next, my wife Shirley (a condo owner and member of the RCI program) called RCI to test a different agent’s response. The agent Shirley reached could only confirm that the facility was in their system but showed no current availability. He mentioned that we could request a unit at special RCI pricing and be placed on a waiting list for availability. But it would not be an exchange for Shirley’s ‘banked" timeshare week.
Inquiries to the Hammock Beach Resort settled the question. Carlton Grant, on the hospitality side, confirmed that the resort does have a working agreement with RCI but only as a wholesaler, similar to arrangements Hammock Beach has with other wholesalers or aggregators. In addition to its timeshare business, RCI sells one-week vacation packages. They contract for a couple of hundred room nights at Hammock Beach to take advantage of discounted rates. Grant assured me that there were no plans at Hammock Beach that involved timeshares.
I examined the condominium documents for Northshore Plat Five, Hammock Beach Club, The One Bedrooms at the Hammock Beach Club, The Villas at Hammock Beach Club, Ocean Towers at Hammock Beach, Harbor Village Marina, and The Condominiums at Yacht Harbor village. None allow timeshares.
During my investigation, I discovered that some Reunion Resort documents do permit timeshares. In fact, Windham Grand Resort has plans to put 52 Villa units into a timeshare program in the future.
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  1. Dave Stone
    Dave Stone says:

    Reunion Timeshares

    It is my understanding that the Reunion timeshares are to be fractional unit sales rather than timeshares per se. A small difference perhaps but it also may be meaningful as the number of owners is more limited and the legal status of the owners may differ.

  2. sam johnson
    sam johnson says:

    dont trust these guys

    toby,thanks for your reporting on the new crooks on the block. being a member at reunion for 3 years until i realized i was throwing money in the toilet with all the lies from the ginn boys i learned pretty quick that the reynolds/noble guys made ginn look like a girl scout,so dont trust your informer or any reports about the rumor with regards to time shares
    these crooks will do what they want and tell you anything they want
    the more disturbing issue is mr stone is the second abog member to write to you and they just dont get the fact that they are there worst enemy. they keep blasting the new crooks but still pay there dues and go to the meetings and waste every member and owners time. they are the only ones that still dont get it. all we have witnessed is less services,and more attitude sinse they have arrived last year. reunion looks like the hood has arrived,the new prices are a joke..imagine 120 dollare for a 4 bedroom house with unlimited golf. why not just give away the house for nothing.
    the sad thing is someone owns that property and will probally see 10 dollars a night revenue and dirty carpets and broken lamps which is the owners responsibity

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