Palm Harbor Golf Course may be Open this Fall

An update from the Friends of Golf

January 31, 2008Palm Coast, FL – In the interest of keeping as many people as possible up to date on the status of the Palm Harbor Golf Course conversion to a Palm Coast municipal facility, the Friends of Golf have graciously kept me abreast with frequent emails. Here is their latest communiqué.


"The Friends of Golf Steering Committee met on Monday, January 28, with George Clifton of Clifton, Ezell & Clifton, the architectural firm that is developing the layout for the renovated Palm Harbor course. Several possibilities were considered and the consensus of opinion was that the fewer the changes to the original footprint, the sooner we would be playing on the course. It was decided that the temporary clubhouse would be put where the original clubhouse stood and that the original parking area would be maintained for now. At such time as a developer would want to start building, plans would be made for a more permanent clubhouse in a permanent location."


"The firm is currently working on grading plans in preparation for a pre-permitting meeting with St. John’s Water Management District. It is anticipated that a request for bids will go out in March with work possibly beginning in an April time frame. It is felt that an end-of-the-year opening is still a realistic possibility."


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  1. dpilv
    dpilv says:


    Look, Palm Harbor needs to be open like a fat kid needs a cake! The course is a fantastic layout already, all they need to do is add some fill dirt, put in some more bunkers, and do a MUCH BETTER job on the GREENS then Hampton has done with the two courses that they redsigned and shut down for a year. Pine Lakes and Cypress are in horrible shape for courses that are suppose to be BRAND NEW! Fuzzy greens with bald spots all over them. The tees boxes are almost as long as the rough!
    For Palm Harbor,some good shock therapy to those fairways, they\\’ll come back, then take care of the boxes, bunkers and most of all, do the greens right…MOST IMPORTANT!
    Build nice greens and for the most part leave the rest of the course as it was! Just get it open!

  2. rpsa
    rpsa says:

    Sept 09

    After a meeting on Aug 8, 2008, with an update from the designer and city officials, looks like the bids are going out within the next few weeks, and Sept 09 is the ‘probable’ playing date… I thought the plans looked great and the changes wonderful! Can’t wait… and it looks like ‘done right’ instead of ‘quick’!!!

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