Rumor – Ginn’s Condominium at Yacht Harbor Village is Sinking – FALSE

This rumor just won’t die but let’s try to kill it.

January 30, 2008 – Palm Coast, FL – For over a year, people have been asking me if it’s true that the condominium at Ginn’s Yacht Harbor Village is sinking. When I looked into it a year ago, I was told that it was not true. In fact, one source suggested that the rumor was started by a salesperson at a competing condominium project. In any event, I wrote an article on the “Rumor” page at that time. Yet, I’ve been asked the same question at least once a month since.


Last week, another query arrived. This individual had heard not only about the condo sinking, but also that a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) had not been issued. For a definitive answer, I went to the Flagler County Building Department. They assured me that the rumor is totally unfounded. The building is not sinking. The final inspection by the Flagler County Building Dept. was December 20, 2006. The CO was issued on that date. The source of the rumor remains a mystery.


Update: 6:06 p.m. — Emailed to me by someone close to the situation – "This rumor started over two years ago, probably because the project was so far behind schedule.  It was so far behind schedule for a number of reasons, almost all due to the non-performance of the building’s General Contractor, who was in financial trouble, and not because of any trouble with the soil or the site preparation.  When the commercial entities are in place, Yacht Harbor Village will be a four star property, the best anywhere on the Intracoastal Waterway."


Rumor: (noun) A current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts


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