Palm Coast’s Palm Harbor Golf Course Construction Bids Going Out Soon

Probable first play will be in September 2009

Palm Coast, Florida – August 10, 2008 – Real estate developer Centex Destination Properties closed the Palm Harbor Golf Course and tore down the clubhouse as part of a larger project to develop a new resort in Palm Coast, Florida. Centex planned a Jack Nicklaus redesign of the course, but when the resort project stalled, the course was left unplayable and in a state of neglect. In a deal worked out between Centex and the City of Palm Coast the course was "donated" to be used as a municipal facility. The city received title, local golfers rejoiced, and consultants were hired to help direct the renovation, but there have been few visible signs of progress.

I’m told that city officials met with the golf course designer August 8, 2008. It looks like construction bids will go out within the next few weeks. The "probable" first date of play on the renovated course is September 2009. A source close to the project told me that "the plans look great and the changes wonderful." They added that the work was being done "right" rather than "too quick."

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  1. George
    George says:

    Palm Harbor Golf Course Handy Cap

    I drove through the roadways that go in and out of the park today Aug. 15,08. The overgrown cracked pavement, burnt greens, and dilapidated structures, left me with a feeling of what was the city thinking in taking it over. With the economy as bad as it is, we the tax payers, are taking a big chance on spending our money on posibly a dead end deal. I hope this works out to be a positive cash flow for us, as if not let’s put it up for sale. The City need not do these deals without an accountants proformo showing the economics to be positive. Even then we have much better things we can be doing with the millions that are going into this project we never voted on. Stop the inside deals in City Hall as you are getting us all "T" ed off.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Harbor ( Palm Coast Golf Course )

    Florida Public Offering Statement filed by ITT Community Developoment Corporation 23, @3wt Flager Street, Miami, Florida 33130
    for: 13,501 homeite lots, typically 80 feet x 125 feet , platted of record in Flagler County, Florida
    Designated as PALM COAST Sections 1 through 19
    Effective date: July 30, 1971
    Part I
    LAND USE: The property is being offered for use as residential homesites. Certain areas of the property have been set aside for multi family use, and theses have been so noted in teh Covenants and Restrictions recorded in Flagler County…
    2. Covenants and restrictions imposed to limit use of the homesites to residential purposes, to create setback lines and size requirements, to regulate the use of canals and waterways, to creae an architectural control committee and to establish other standards and requirements which are customary for the preservation and maintanence of the residential character of the property being offered…
    Palm Coast is the first development of the Company. The Company plans to develop 20,000 acrea in Palm Coast at present…and..may..develop substantial additional acreage of contiguous lands held within the ITT system…
    7. Recreation: A Golf Courrse and club house have been constructed at Palm Coast and nine holes are presently ready for play. The Company proposes to construct a yacht club and marine, which shall include tennis courts and swimming facilities. Tennis courts have already been constructed. all of these facilities are withing file miles of the property and will be compoeted by December 31, 1972…
    Refund Priviledges: Provided that all payments under the HOMESTITE PURCHASE AGREEMENT are current and purchaser is not in default, the Company will refund to purchaser all monies paid pursuant to that Agreement, including principal and interest, if, within six months from the date purchaser executes that Agreement, purchaser completes a —> Guided Tour<— at Palm Coasat and immediately thereafter so request in writring on forms provided by the Company…
    (((Thousands of Prospective Buyers were taken on the ‘GUIDED TOUR" via Vans and also Jitneys; tje Vams toured and toured and toured the First Neighborhood, ) Casper Drive, Clark Lane, Cooper Lane, Cerrudo and Carr ) then to the Golf Course, the Driving Range, the Putting Green, and the ‘Contempory Clubhouse’…then once completed…to the first Yacht Club and Swim Club and Tennis Clubs at the end of Club House Drive. These massive amounts of Guilded Tour resulted in by 1975 36,000 homesite$ had been $old )))
    Then in 1975 came the Fedteral Trade Commission – an Agreement was made by ‘The Company’ and the F.T.C. in 1975.
    This started the Foundation of Palm Coast and for those seeking how things started with the Palm Coast Golf Course, later known at the Palm Harbor Golf Course, or the Players Club – Swim and Tennis Club, The Community Activities Center, etc., the above paragraphs are the Starting Point…
    When the Harbourside Sheraton replaced the Yacht and Swim Club and Tennis Club – that is how the ‘Community Activities Center’ – where we once had a YMCA, started, and how the Players Swim and Tennis Club started…
    Thousands of Buyers paid hundreds and thousands to ‘The Company’ ( ITT LEVITT ITT ICED ) above DOUBLE the price of a standard generic lot to be near these facilities in the first Section 1. The Community was advertised and promoted as a water themed ( canals ) and FOUR Golf Course themed Community…and those buyers purchasing nearest/on the canals and/or Four Golf Courses paid premiums for their lots – makes sense…just as there are ADS for other community developments being offered today; however, the ADS and PROMOS we still have have no disclaimers on them as there exists on the new Developments today – besides, the FTC pretty much ‘shaped’ it all quite firmly –
    We hope this is helpful information on how things started for the New Arrivals.
    George Edward Chuddy

  3. Joe Jones
    Joe Jones says:

    Covington Park Area

    There are several homes for sale in the Covington Park area. Is the construction of the Palm Harbor Golf Club behind Covington driving these sales?

  4. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Tom

    The minicipal course should be good for the owners of Resort condos because it will provide a nearby golf venue. The compant that purchased the remaining condos for resale already have Ginn memberships to offer clients who purchase units from them.

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