Palm Coast Landing at Town Center Resembled a Mall During Christmas Week

Before TJ Maxx opened their doors, early Grand Opening shoppers were lined up back to the SuperTarget.

Palm Coast, Florida – August 4, 2008 – The giant sucking sound of sales tax dollars being pulled back into Flagler County was evident yesterday as another "big box" retailer opened its doors in Palm Coast Landing, the retail power center of Town Center at Palm Coast. TJ Maxx followed earlier openings by Michaels, PetsMart, Target, and Books A Million. The official Grand Opening for the Landing is August 9th.
One TJ Maxx associate said, "Before the doors were opened, the line went back all the way to Target." The special shopping bags offered to the first 300 shoppers were gone in only 8 minutes. Given the state of the economy, the associate, who lives locally, was surprised at how many people were actually buying rather than looking.
Store Manager, Terry Fencik explained that the number of shoppers was not unusual for a TJ Max opening, but it was certainly unusual for Palm Coast area residents. Rather than offering layaway plans as many other TJ Maxx locations do, the Palm Coast store rolled out their private branded credit card. "The response was very strong," said Fencik. "More applications were accepted than anticipated."
More than one early arriving shopper returned to the parking lot only to face a sea of cars which had not been there when they arrived. Several shoppers were seen wandering about, unable to remember where they had parked so much earlier.
Palm Coast and its residents welcome their new retailers. They welcome the additional jobs. They welcome the additional property taxes that will be forthcoming. They welcome the sales tax receipts that will come back to Flagler County rather than remaining in a neighboring county. They are glad that they no longer have to drive over 20 miles to reach shopping centers. They also welcome the growing sense of self; our identity as a city that is now more in control of its destiny.
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  1. Dora Garcia
    Dora Garcia says:

    Christmas in August!

    You’re right, Toby…it was Christmas in August! I never knew there were so many people in Palm Coast until yesterday! However, the store is called TJ Maxx (double X)..not Max, just thought you’d like to know.

    Stay well, Dora

  2. MAS
    MAS says:


    Monday following Grand Opening Sunday at TJMaxx… The store was filled with customers…. Many there to take advantage of a 10% discount for Seniors, and many more there shopping, as usual. I waited in a line behind 10+ customers to check out. The woman in front of me had a large shopping card overflowing with merchandise. Her friend was several carts behind me – same situation. Quite a sight considering all the gloomy financial reports. Then I tried to exchange two pair of Clarks sandals I had purchased at Famous Footwear on Saturday- wrong size. To my surprise, in just two days they had sold every pair in the style I had chosen, and in both colors. No doubt the opening of Ross later this year will only add to the holiday excitement. While it’s not a dollar for dollar replacement, it is nice to save on gas while shopping in our own area.

  3. john
    john says:

    Palm Coast Landing?

    There is a sign closer to the beach on Rt 100 that says future site of Palm Coast Landing, a new retail development planned in that area. I thought the group of stores near Target was just called "The Landings"

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