Palm Coast Increases Residential Impact Fees

Some impact fees will increase April 1st.

March 14, 2007 – Builders were notified by Palm Coast city officials that some impact fees for new single family residential homes will increase on April 1, 2007. The following fees will change:

  • The Parks Impact Fee will increase 3.2% from $1,159.02 to $1,196.11.
  • The Fire Impact Fee are increasing 3.2% from $179.37 to $185.11.
  • The Water and Sewer Impact Fee will increase 9.4% from $6,100 to $6,670.

The total of all impact and connection fees for a typical new Palm Coast single family home will grow to approximately $17,700. The city collects impact fees from builders when building permits are issued. The builder bundles them into the cost of the house so they are ultimately paid by the new owner.

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  1. gregg
    gregg says:


    Wow…..this local government doesnt get enough money I guess. Thats a shocker….raise the impact fees, because the taxes are not enough. Is any one else seeing the outrages costs we are paying in relationship to the services we are not getting? I heard from a local official that the budget for parks , now mind you we are talking about parks here ( grass , sod and some monkey bars) ….is (drum roll please!)………8 million!
    Heres a new concept….how about giving back the money this county/city made in over 300% in net gains from the last 4 years from all the real estate transactions…..and by the way, since real estate has decreased in value….am I going to get a refund?

  2. Jim Sheehan
    Jim Sheehan says:


    It’s easy to get greedy when they had the growth explosion of the last few years. With the market in decline now, this is not the right way to entice people to come to Palm Coast.

  3. HG
    HG says:

    Only Makes Sense

    In the world of entrepreneurship, if one cannot sell his product, he simply raises the price to make up for losses… I can only shake my head in disbelief.

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