Notice of Application for Tax Deed – What is it? Can I Participate?

For stellar investors like Saturn 1 LLC, Venus 1 LLC, and Neptune 1 LLC, the stars are in alignment.

August 8, 2007 – Flagler County, Florida –  "Notice of Application for Tax Deed." Today’s paper listed about fifty of them. When real estate taxes remain unpaid, the effected property can be sold at public auction. The process is defined by law. At any time prior to the sale, owners can redeem their property by paying all back taxes, accumulated interest, and associated penalties and fees.


Here is a review of the steps: 

  • November 1st – real estate taxes are due for that year
  • April 1st, the following year – unpaid taxes are declared delinquent
  • May – All delinquent property taxes as of April 1st, are advertised in the News Tribune.
  • May 31 – Tax certificates are sold for all unredeemed property. Certificates represent a lien against the property. They do not convey title.
  • Beginning two years from the purchase date of a tax certificate, and for up to seven years, the certificate holder may file an application for a tax deed.
  • The Notice of Application for Tax Deed is advertised (public notice).
  • The property is sold at public auction. In Flagler County, this sale occurs in the Juror Assembly room at the courthouse.
  • For unimproved lots, acreage, or non-homesteaded dwellings, the minimum sale price is the sum of all past due taxes, interest, penalties and fees. 

Each summer, the newspaper contain numerous “Notice of Application for Tax Deed” advertisements. Today’s News Tribune contained about fifty. The applicants had purchased their delinquent tax certificates in 2005. All but a few of the applications were filed by a series of “stellar” investors, with names such as Mars 1 LLC,  Venus 1 LLC, Mercury 1 LLC, Saturn 1 LLC, and Pluto 1 LLC. None of these organizations could be found on the Florida Dept of State website, indicating that they are based outside Florida.


Tax Deed sales differ from foreclosure sales. A foreclosure sale is brought about by the plaintiff, usually a bank or other lending institution, to recover defaulted loans. Usually, but not always, the amount due is a significant amount. The plaintiff or a representative is present at the sale, with instructions to bid up to the balance of the mortgage, or a market value of the property, whichever is less. Thus, bargains at foreclosure sales occur only when the mortgage balance is significantly less than the value of the property.


In a tax deed sale, the applicant for the tax deed has already invested an amount equal to all unpaid taxes, accumulated interest, fees, and penalties. That amount then becomes the opening bid. If no other bidder is present, the applicant is awarded the deed. The following list of properties will be sold at 10:00 a.m. on September 11, 2007, unless they are redeemed before that date. Most of the properties are lots, but there are a few notable exceptions. There is a lot in Ocean Hammock assessed at $365,000. Another lot in “the hammock” carries an assessment of $100,000. There is a salt water canal lot assessed for $220,000. The only dwelling is assessed for $192,848.


The minimum bid will be significantly below the true value of nearly all of these properties. The big question is “will any bidders show up?” If you want to participate, contact the county clerk of courts for instructions. And do your homework ahead of time. There is no Due Diligence period. Your purchase is unconditional.


    Property Address Assessed Value
73 Parkway Dr 53400
357 Pritchard Dr 53000
28 Pontiac Ln 51900
21 Whirlaway Dr 54500
25 Hammock Beach Parkway 365000
8 Riptide Pl 53700
14 Richland Ln 53700
24 Russman Ln 53700
9 Roxanne Ln 53700
16 Ebb Tide Kr 71200
50 Acres in South Flagler Co. 70000
265 Bird of Paradise Dr 53700
20 Lindsay Dr 56400
39 Ulysses Trail 47600
59 Laramie Dr 192848
19 Corning Ct 220000
198 Bird of Paradise Dr 53700
95 Evans Dr 92000
25 Pine Cottage Ln 53500
84 Port Royal Dr 53700
48 Ulysses Trail 50000
48 Universal Trail 47600
65 Borrklyn Ln 54100
Lots 1-6 Block 264, Bunnell 90000
99 Point Pleasant Dr 57800
30 Postman Ln 53700
18 Rambling Ln 59200
14 Dawson Dr 100000
30 Radcliffe Dr 53700
10 Union Mill Place 50000
6 Union Mill Place 50000
11 Roxanne Ln 53700
45 Wellwood Ln 55200
57 Fleetwood Dr 56200
60 Prattwood Ln 61000
6 Patchogue Ln 53400
21 Fenimore Ln 56900
4570 Walnut Ave (mobile home) 61,686
10 Pinelark Ln 53500
13 Pine Crest Ln 53500
109 Raemoor Dr 53700
10 Renworth Ln 53700
102 Edward Dr 71200
202 Birchwood Dr 53700
20 Underwick Path 50000
10 Ripton Pl 53700
59 Luther Dr 56400
3 Lake Charles Pl 56400
34 Woodbury Dr 55900
109 Ferndale Ln 67000
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