Golden Corral Coming to Cobblestone Village in Palm Coast

City says they are coming. Developer unwilling to confirm story at this time.

Typical Golden Corral RestaurantAugust 6, 2007 – Palm Coast, Florida – Last month, the press reported that a franchisee of Golden Corral restaurant, noted for its Great Steak Buffet, was looking for a Palm Coast location. A city official told me that the restaurant would be built on an out-parcel in Cobblestone Village, across from the new Lowe’s. A spokesperson the developer, CBL Associates Properties, declined to confirm the location. Usually, location announcements are not made until all lease paperwork is completed.


The Golden Corral corporate website indicates that they prefer a free standing location next to “big box’ retailers. Cobblestone Village, with both Belks and Lowe’s, fits this criteria. The website also details two prototypes that would suit a Palm Coast location:


Prototype Golden Corral Restaurant
Size 7,829 square feet 11,088 square feet
Seating 276 440
Employees 80 – 120 130 – 150
Parking 115 170

Golden Corral restaurants offer a buffet/grill family experience.

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  1. ringo
    ringo says:

    Great News!

    Wow! A new place to eat that doesn’t serve pizza. Final Palm Coast is beginning to grow up. Instead of having to go to Daytona or St. Augustine to have dinner, it would so nice to have a variety of place here. Keep the money in Flagler County instead of giving to other counties.

  2. MCH
    MCH says:

    new places to eat

    Not really my kind of place to eat, but it\\’s good to see some new places come in. Is Chilli\\’s still going in that plaza?
    Also I really think it would be nice to see Panera Bread and Crispers (Publix owned company) come into this city!

  3. km
    km says:

    Easy to eat well at Golden Corral

    Nice to see one new restaurant coming to town. It’s easy to make healthy choices from a buffet. And it is a good family restaurant to dine out inexpensively.

  4. MCH
    MCH says:


    Great news about Crispers going into Cobblestone Village. I figured it was a matter of time before they would move in. I go to the Crispers in Ormond at least once a week and love the place, they have a large menu to choose from. Very high quality food, and fresh.

  5. ts
    ts says:

    all for golden corral!

    We enjoy the GC, they have the best salad bar! The food is very fresh, you can watch the cooks chopping and steaming fresh food constantly. If you don\\’t believe me take a Sunday drive over to Palatka and try it for lunch, you might like it!

  6. Liz
    Liz says:

    Barnes and Noble

    I’m happy to see books A Million coming to PC, but are we getting a Barnes and Noble, too? Where is the movie theatre going to be built and when is it expected to open?

  7. joe
    joe says:


    great food, great value! i have visited the palm coast golden coral 4 times, 3 of the 4 times service was poor at best, today me and 2 co-workers ate lunch and i had to go to the register for a refill, they informed me my server will refill my drink, my second plate done! no server, finally on desert a server showed up, well i love the food for the price, but if you go drink slow service is poor.

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