New Convenience Store Planned for SR 100 at Seminole Woods Pkwy

Flagler County consented to a land swap allowing the developer to reconfigure the SR 100 frontage of a parcel earmarked for the new store. The County gains additional land around the airport.

Palm Coast, FL – April 21, 2014 – April 7th, the Flagler Board of County Commissioners approved a land swap agreement with Florida Landmark Communities LLC. The swap affects properties near the County Airport and will allow reconfiguration of the SR 100 frontage at the southwest corner of SR 100 and Seminole Woods Pkwy. Landmark plans to build a new convenience store on the corner site. The developer did not disclose the convenience store’s brand name.

Site of future convenience store sw corner of SR 100 and Seminile Woods PkwyWhat the developer gets:

  1. 3.038 acres on the south side of SR 100 and adjacent to the parcel to be developed. The property is part of an existing unpaved construction access road which can be seen in the photo (right). Its appraised value is $486,000.

What the County gets:

  1. A new paved access road for airport use off of Seminole Woods Pkwy provided by the developer.
  2. Three parcels totaling 44.3 acres with a combined appraised value of $608,000. One of the parcels is a site identified as an Object Free Zone and will be required when Runway 11-29 is relocated for the Runway Safety Area. The other two parcels will provide for addition al separation between the off-airport developable area and the Airport Operations Area.
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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    Good to see.

    This is good but is there anyway to make a suggestion to the city on new
    commercial properties. I think a good idea would be to get a 24 hour convenience store like a 7-11 in the town center. I think it would not only direct more traffic back there but possibly increasing demand for more places of business and also add a much needed gas station. The closest ones on 100 are the gas station in Bunnell and the BP thats pretty much falling apart and not only does not have a proper parking lot but usually way over charges for his gas.

  2. Ed Hopper
    Ed Hopper says:

    Improving SR 100

    A gas station on SR 100 would be a great idea close to the Town Center. That BP near I-95 is very high on gas prices, but all of Palm Coast is higher then surrounding areas. Why is that?

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