Latest Census Update Puts Flagler County Population at 99,956

St. Johns County ranked 20th in national growth with a current population of 209,647. Number one in growth ten years ago, Flagler did not make this top 100 list.

Palm Coast, FL – April 22, 2014 – Flagler County was the fastest growing county in the U.S. ten years ago. According the latest estimate released today by the US Census Department, Flagler is not even on the top 100 for population growth from July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013. St. Johns County is ranked 20th for the year.

Only 25 states were represented on the list of top 100 fastest growing counties. Energy, climate and federal employment are driving growth. California and New York are notably absent. And only one county in the northeast is listed.

States with Top 100 Growth Counties
 Texas           20
 Florida            7
 N Dakota            7
 Georgia            6
 N Carolina            6
 Virginia            6
 Oklahoma            5
 Utah            5
 Colorado            4
 S Carolina            4
 S Dakota            4
 Wyoming            4
 Alabama            3
 Montana            3
 Tennessee            3
 Arkansas            2
 Indiana            2
 Louisiana            2
 Idaho            1
 Iowa            1
 Massachusetts            1
 Nebraska            1
 Nevada            1
 New Mexico            1
 Oregon            1

Florida's seven listed counties are:

  • Sumter (#3)
  • Walton (#16)
  • Osceola (#18)
  • St. Johns (#20)
  • Lee (#56)
  • Manatee (#64)
  • Collier (#95)


Williams County in North Dakota (#1), grew by 10.7%. St. Johns County (#20) grew 3.6%. Chaffee County in Colorado (#100) grew by 2.1%. Flagler County’s population increased 1.5%.

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  1. Sans Souci
    Sans Souci says:

    Flagler County’s population increased 1.5%

    So, Flagler County’s population increased 1.5%. I would hazard to guess that those that did come here came for either the cheap rents or bought homes below market value. What do we have here? We have beautiful beaches! We have nice weather! We have high unemployment. We have a lot of foreclosures, still. We have folks flipping houses. We have residents renting their homes because they cannot sell them. We have low property values. We don’t have high end shopping. We don’t have a Whole Foods or a Trader Joes. We don’t have quality dining and a variety of restaurants. We only have 2 public golf courses. We have several high end courses that every day folks can’t afford to play and a few relatively expensive private courses that allow public play. We have an expensive marina but we have no outlet to the ocean. There is just not a whole lot here and nothing is being done to improve the situation. Enjoy the weather and the beach! Take your sunscreen! Sans Souci!

  2. David Alfin
    David Alfin says:

    Lifestyle, Value, & Opportunity

    All three of these desirable qualities are ready and waiting for our next generation of residents. Live your Lifestyle. Enjoy the Value, and find your Opportunity in Flagler County.

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