New Commercial Construction Projects in Palm Coast

McDonalds, Verizon, Discount Tire, Dollar General and a new strip mall will add to Palm Coast’s commercial property inventory.

Palm Coast, FL – January 17, 2014 – Commercial construction activity has perked up in Palm Coast. Three new construction permits totaling more than $2 million have been issued in recent months. Two Town Center projects are also on the drawing board for tracts recently purchased adjacent to the Belle Terre Publix.

Commercial building permits issued are:

  • McDonalds – A 4,174 square foot restaurant is being built at 4851 Belle Terre adjacent to Kohl’s. The permit lists site development and construction cost at $800,000.
  • Verizon – Construction has begun on the shell of a new Verizon store at 4895 Belle Terre. Site development and construction costs total $380,000.
  • Discount Tire – Construction is well underway on a new 7,611 square foot store located at 5860 SR 100, next to Panera Bread. The construction cost is $1,085,000.

Town Center strip plaza in Palm CoastA Dollar General store and a 6,000 square foot strip plaza will be built adjacent to the Publix at the Belle Terre entrance to Town Center. The 6,000 square foot strip plaza (see rendering at right) to be constructed at 36 Central Ave. is advertised to consist of five 1,200 square foot units. The strip mall parcel was purchased for $175,000 in October. The Dollar General tract at 11 Market Ave (behind Publix). was purchased  for $265,000, also in October.

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  1. John Mastroe
    John Mastroe says:

    retired dept head

    It sounds like they will be tearing down the old Palm Harbor shopping center and expanding it to “Island Walk” That’s great but I hope they keep some of the original character like the circular portion. Otherwise it just becomes just another mall like every other mall in small town America.

    I realize we have to move forward like when they redid Buddy Taylor. They destroyed the unique style and we are left with a middle school that looks a lot like a prison.

  2. BC Lunn
    BC Lunn says:

    honky tonk

    While it is nice to see businesses coming to town, I can’t say much for the quality. A tire store next to a Panera’s???
    Another Dollar store ??
    Why cannot Palm Coast attract companies like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods ? It would be lovely to have a more upscale character to the town that sets it apart and shoppers want to come here.

  3. RHWeir
    RHWeir says:

    Agree with Honky Tonk

    Yes, bring us a Trader Joe’s or a Whole Foods. Actually, we could use both! As far as Discount Tire goes, yes we need one of those as well. We’re lacking big market competition for tires and auto care. I agree that next to Panera is questionable. A better spot would have been east on 100 in the vicinity of AK and the auto dealerships. However, construction has started so, welcome Discount Tire.

  4. Carl
    Carl says:

    Discount Tire

    It’s a shame they stopped construction, stopped employment opportunities, stopped tax revenue, and a chance of progression in an economy reluctant to expand. Fortunately, Searay is expanding again, so they can hire more personnel, but where do the workers live and spend their dollars? Like many others, I work in a another city and it’s more convenient and choice filled to purchase in route to and from work as compared to getting to the relatively few choices locked into Palm Coast Pkwy. Traveling to Ormond Beach or St. Augustine offers more selections and competitive pricing due to the more business friendly environment. Remember, voting only works when you vote.

  5. Maria Vernon
    Maria Vernon says:

    How About the Youths?

    I agree that it is a wonderful thing to see businesses coming to Palm Coast; however, no one seems to thing about the growing young population in our city. Why do we have to travel to other cities for entertainment for the children? Do we really need another dollar store? Please think about the children and bring in some entertainment. One of the biggest complaint of the young people is that there is nothing to do here in palm coast.

  6. Bell
    Bell says:

    More useless things!

    Palm coast should consider creating businesses that are beneficial to both the youth and families.I have lived in Palm Coast for seven years and still have to travel in order to do something fun. Every time there is speculations about construction it is normally going to be ANOTHER dollar tree or something that we already have. How about building a mall to increase more job opportunities? Or better yet decrease the amount of money spent towards gas in order to shop at other malls or recreational centers within other cities.Palm coast should consider creating businesses for the youth since we are also members of the community. I’m hoping for a change.

  7. Ron Limuti
    Ron Limuti says:

    Need more eating places

    Too bad the city keeps allowing more non useful businesses to be built in the area. The newer Palm Coast exit needs more higher end eatery establishments like the older exit has. As it is now we drive either to Holy Hill, Ormond Beach or Daytona to eat something better than fast foods. Too bad they do not want to promote higher end restaurants to come to this end of town.

  8. Carole Roller
    Carole Roller says:

    Big disappointment that I don’t see Culver’s in th

    I know that we can’t get a Trader Joe’s because we have a brother store Aldi’s. they haven’t build in the same town before. Another Aldi’s on the other side of town would be nice.
    What I don’t want to see is another McDonald’s. I would like to see a Culver’s for some variety. They were told they couldn’t build in the Target Center so they moved across the street next to Taco Bell. I’m hearing rumors that I asked the Mayor to address (I went on a wild goose chase) that McDonald’s doesn’t want them here. So much for free enterprise if this is true.

  9. Denis Logan
    Denis Logan says:

    Palm Coast Stores

    Palm Coast City or County doesn’t decide what business to build and operate here. The Commercial Corporations do. And that is based on, if they think they can make enough money. They need to think there is money and people enough to support what ever is they operate. Our economy is supported by tourist driving by or money earned in the Hospitality Industry, mostly lower paid jobs. We except or not what Corps want to build and operate here. My wife and I are older, we trying to live more Safely and stay from any groups and illnesses’!

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