Interactive Map: How Many Homes Were Sold in Your State?

Interactive map gives number of homes sold by state

 Palm Coast, FL – June 28, 2011 –  An interactive map gives first quarter home sales results. Click within the borders of your state to see the Existing Home Sales value for the past quarter, and the percentage change from the previous quarter and previous year. 

How many homes were sold in your state during the first quarter of 2011?

View State Existing Home Sales Q1 2011 in a larger map

 Source: National Association of Realtors®

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    This Interactive Map brough to mind …

    For the longest time we couldn’t remember how we acquired a large color map of Palm Coast, Inc.
    We would regularly * stop in * at Palm Coasts’ ‘Observation Tower / Exhibit Area’ and see what was new; we thought that was where we acquired this large color map and we just discovered we were correct –
    It is really a very *detailed* map showing many things – the Four Industrial Sites for Palm Coast, Inc., the locations of Matanzas Golf Course and the other three of the ‘Four Sisters’ Golf Courses, the Palm Coast Beach Club Oceanside, later known as Palm Coasts’ SunSport Beach Club, the ‘ Players Tennis and Swim Club’. the future acreage set aside for Schools, etc., and everything.
    Then the answer to our initial puzzlement –
    While reading the ‘Public Offering Statements’ for Palm Coast, Inc. recorded with H.U.D. we noted that *distances* were recorded and that measurements were required for the developer pledged Amenities/Features/Improvements/Acreage/ etc., These maps, pursuant the Federal ‘Consent Agreement’ with Palm Coast, Inc., were required to be given to each Prospective Buyer so that they could ascertain where their LOTS were that they were purchasing and/or after serious and mature thought they could PICK a lot in/around a specific Amenity/offering and the Prospective Buyer would know the *distances* from Palm Coasts’ Tower since IT was the point from where measurements were taken. Obviously, the closer to an Amenity/ Feature the higher the LOT prices; and the further away from what is referred to as ‘The Core’ the less the cost for each Lot.
    For the newer Palm Coasters – I.T.T. Community Development Corporation sold LOTS on time, atypicaly INSTALLMENT payments for ten year periods. I.T.T. sold this way throughout the 1990’s – so we would imagine there are still a lot of Future Palm Coasters soon to be or eagerly awaiting re-locating and utilize their now OWNED lot – perhaps this is why there are still 18,000 LOTS not developed –
    Toby – any speculation of how many of these exist of the 18,000 lots ?
    Thank you.

    P.S. ‘The Core’ – for us, the first public offering was for Sections 1-19 – ‘the Core’. It is comprised of ‘…13,501 homesite lots, typically 80 feet x 125 feet, platted of record in Flagler County , Florida
    Disignated as
    Sections 1 through 19
    Effective date: July 30, 1971…’
    Palm Coast is the first development of the Company. The Company plans to develop 20,000 acres in Palm Coast at present and may develop substantial additional acreage of contiguous lands held within the ITT system.

    There are no mortages encumbering this property.
    The property is being offered for sale subject too:
    1. Public streets and easement for drainage and utilities including community antenna television facilities.
    2. Covenants and restriction imposed to limit use of the homesites to residential purposes, to create setback lines, and size requirements, to regulate the use of canals and waterways, to create an architectural control committee and to establish other standards and requirements which are customary for the preservation and maintenance of the residential character of the property being offered.
    3. The right of ITT Rayonier, Inc. to harvest merchantable timber on the properties, including plantation timber, until such time as deeds are delievered to purchasers, after which such time rights shall cease.
    4. Any applicable ordinances, regulations and statues

    We hope you have enjoyed our sharing some of Palm Coasts’ Inc., very rich Heritage and History – For the newer arrivals – wait and see how the *Harvesting* of the burnt Timber will occur – it is really something to see –
    Wishing everyone in Palm Coasts ‘Communities’ a very enjoyable Fourth of July Holiday –

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