Names Palm Coast among Fastest-Growing Small Towns

It may say more about Forbes’ journalism than it says about Palm Coast, but every bit of good publicity is good for the city.

Palm Coast, FL – December 13, 2010 – has named Palm Coast, FL among a group of the country’s fastest growing small towns. With growth stalled by the Great Recession, the designation is no longer accurate. It says more about Forbes’ research efforts than it does about Palm Coast. But making any list that spreads the Palm Coast name in a good light is OK. Plus, people would love living here for a lot of other good reasons.
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  1. A;lex
    A;lex says:

    Wrong information

    Forbes using a number of 91,622 for City of Palm Coast population.

    Census bureau giving 91,622 for the population of Flagler county. (2010)

    Palm Coast population for 2010 is 73,168.

    Forbes inflated our population by 18,454.

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