Florida Cities NOT on List of 10 Sickest Housing Markets

Here’s a list we can be proud not making.

Palm Coast, FL – August 9, 2011 – MSN Today Money yesterday published a 24/7 Wall Street list of the 10 sickest housing markets in the U.S. Not a single Florida city made the list. Here are the cities that did:
1.    Tucson, Ariz.
2.    Indianapolis, Ind.
3.    Memphis, Tenn.
4.    Atlanta, Ga.
5.    Baton Rouge, La.
6.    Dayton, Ohio
8.    Detroit, Mich. (tie)
8.    Kansas City, Mo. (tie)
9.    St. Louis, Mo.
10. Oklahoma City, Ok.
The study examined homeowner and rental vacancies, vacancy trends, unemployment, and historical median selling prices.
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