Flagler County Airport Rated Nation’s Second Busiest in its Classification

Flying High: Flagler Airport logged 171,766 takeoffs and landings in 2010.

Palm Coast, FL – July 28, 2011 – Of the 247 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Contract Air Traffic Control Towers, the Flagler County Airport was recently rated as the second busiest in the nation. The FAA Air Traffic Activity Data System showed that the airport ended last year with 171,766 operations. Each takeoff or landing counts as an operation. To put it in perspective, Flagler County Airport was busier than Jacksonville/Craig; Gainesville; Orlando/Kissimmee; Lakeland; Ocala; and St. Augustine airports, to name a few. Several regional flying schools, including Embry Riddle University, make use of Flagler’s facilities.
In 1947, Flagler County accepted the airport from the War Assets Administration. Over the years, the Flagler County Airport has leveraged funds generated from the sale of fuel, land leases, and rent to receive millions of dollars in state and federal grants which paid for projects like the construction of the control tower.

Roy Sieger, airport director, said that with the addition of the air traffic control tower to the airport, “We are seeing more flights and more student activity.” The tower was constructed in 2009, making the skies above Flagler County and its surrounding communities safer.

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  1. evelyn palmeri
    evelyn palmeri says:

    FC Airport

    You don’t have to tell those of us who live near the Flagler Beach bridge about airport traffic. We have take offs and landings circling our houses from before dawn until after midnight.

    I don’t see how a control tower makes all those students flying touch and go at tree top level over our houses safe … and yes we knew the airport was there when we built our house, what we didn’t know was that 20 years later we’d have student pilots over our heads 24/7.

  2. John Boy
    John Boy says:


    Sounds like a good reason to incease the costs associated with use of the airport. When looking at the fee schedule it appears that gas is $.50 per gallon cheaper than other airports. Tiedowns for planes are one half the cost of keeping a boat in a local marina. Increase the fees and turnover all profits to the county to help offset the costs associated with stupid decisions related to Ginn Hanger, Microhose and cakes Across America.

    One we get out financials in order, then implement a new law that restricts the total ompensation of any and all county employees to $100,000. per year.

  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    Farce Airport

    This airport inflates numbers to justify grant requests, it is essentially a flight school hub for ERAU and other flight schools.
    The total operation numbers are subjective and reflect constant stop n go’s. It is certainly oblivious to the neighbors and refuses to acknowledge the unsafe heights as it relates to the flight path.

    Still only two corporate style jets on property, 95 % single prop.

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