Flagler County 2015 Delinquent Tax List Looks Pretty Much Like the 2014 List

#1 Unfinished Vista Par condominiums in Grand Haven. #2 Grand Haven Golf Course. #3 Bobby Ginn’s Island Estates Home. Plus Matanzas, Pines and Cypress Golf Courses.

PALM COAST, FL – May 14, 2016 – You may have noticed your Wednesday News-Journal was a little heavier than usual. The News-Tribune insert included Flagler County’s officially advertised list of delinquent 2015 property taxes. These taxes became delinquent April 1, 2016. An on-line Tax Certificate Sale for listed properties began May 9, 2016. The Sale closes June 1, 2016.

A Tax Certificate, when purchased, becomes an enforceable first lien against the subject real estate. The certificate holder is actually paying the taxes for a property owner in exchange for a competitive bid rate of return on his investment. In order to remove the lien, the property owner must pay the Tax Collector all delinquent taxes plus accrued interest, penalties, advertising fees and sale costs.

Delinquent taxes, including accrued interest, penalties and advertising fees may be paid by cashier’s check, certified check, cash or money order, prior to the Tax Certificate Sale closing.

Here is this year’s top ten Flagler County Property Tax delinquencies. The delinquent tax amount includes, where appropriate, Non-ad Valorem Assessments, typically issued by Community Development Districts (CDD).


#1 – 425 Riverfront Drive

Unfinished Vista Par condominiums in Grand Haven:  Lavaya Properties II LLLC, of Jacksonville, is listed as owner. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $138,227.50. Of the total, $109,697.28 is due for the annual Grand Haven CDD Assessment on the 48 condominium units entitled on the property. Two buildings remain partially completed. The 2014 property tax totaling $157,491.75 remains unpaid as well. Construction and marketing activity had resumed on the two unfinished shells, but there has been no recent activity observed. A GoToby.com inquiry forwarded to the owners remains unanswered.

#2 – 500 Riverfront Drive

Grand Haven Golf Course - 18th greenGrand Haven Golf Course: Escalante – Grand Haven LLC, of Littleton, CO., is listed as owner. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $78,800.56, of which $43,803.15 is the annual Grand Haven CDD Assessment. The subject property includes a 9,517 square foot clubhouse. Escalante paid delinquent 2014 taxes on May 28, 2015, days prior to that year’s Tax Certificate Sale closing. It is not unusual for property owners to time tax payments as an investment ploy to minimize borrowing costs or for cash flow purposes.

#3 – 42 Island Estates Pkwy

This million-dollar home is homesteaded by Hammock Beach developer Edward (Bobby) Ginn. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $42,305.14. Per the property appraiser’s website, the Ginn property’s Just (Market) Value is $2,493,663. There are no unpaid taxes from prior years.

#4 – 57 Town Court

This multi-story office building in Town Center is owned by Coogee Holdings LLC, of Orlando. Coogee. Coogee reportedly purchased the 26,952 square foot building in September, 2015. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $33,328.85, of which $9,823.36 is the annual Town Center CDD Assessment.

#5 – 50 Plaza Drive

This 2.2-acre outparcel of the Home Depot Center (lot 3), is owned by Medjax Beach LLP, of Jacksonville. It’s assessed for $1,060,000 and carries a delinquent tax bill currently pegged at $23,901.33.  As you turn into Home Depot, this parcel is the first on your right.  You have probably dined at Houligans, one of the several tenants in the 13,682 square foot building. 2014 property taxes totaling $25,449.02 remain unpaid.

#6 – 400 Pine Lakes Pkwy

The Pines Golf Course is owned by The Golf Group of Palm Coast LLC. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $22,613.66. Per the property appraiser’s website, the Pines Golf Course Just (Market) Value is $2,493,663, including an 18,368 square foot clubhouse.

#7 – 80 Pinnacles Drive – Unit 2

This 12,921 square foot commercial condominium carrying an assessed value of $969,075 is owned by Harry & Grace LLC, of Palm Coast. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $21,852.21.

#8 – 100 Garden Street S

The 5,438 square foot Bob Evan’s Restaurant is owned by Bob Evans Farms, Inc., of Columbus Ohio. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $20,286.40.

#9 – 53 Easthampton Blvd

The Cypress Golf Course is owned by The Golf Group of Palm Coast LLC. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $19,576,85. The $862,925 assessed value includes a 7,280 square foot clubhouse.

#10 – 3 Boulder Rock Drive

This 10,486 square foot commercial building, built in 2010, is owned by Boulder Rock Plaza LLC, of Palm Coast. The advertised delinquent 2015 property tax due is $19,260.92. The Just Value is $854,000.

Honorable Mention

# 92 – 398 Lakeview Blvd – Matanzas Golf Course (former)

The Matanzas Golf Course has been closed since 2007, but remains the subject of much speculation. Owned by The Group Golf of Palm Coast, LLC (not to be confused with The Golf Group of Palm Coast, LLC) the Matanzas Golf Course has a 2015 delinquent property tax bill totaling $4,627.34. Unpaid delinquent 2014 property taxes total $4,930.42.

More Information

For more information about Flagler Tax Certificate Sales, click www.FlaglerTaxSale.com. For more information about Flagler Tax Deed Sales, click www.flaglertax.com/TaxDeedsCertificates.aspx.


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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Origins of Palm Coasts’ Four Sisters Golf Clubs

    For the newer Palm Coasters – Below is one Official Document about the origins / heritage / history of The Palm Coast Project. Note references to the ‘ Four Sisters ‘ Golf Courses – that is Palm Coast Golf Club later known as the Palm Harbor Golf Club, the Pine Lakes Golf Club, and the Cypress Knoll Golf Club. This was also advertising promo’s used on three Continents of the World.

    This document is one of many documents which are ‘ Exhibits ‘ within the Official Federal Records of the United States of America pursuant F.T.C. C-2854 and the Federally ORDERED ‘ 15 Year Compliance Report ‘.

    Prospective buyers were required to take and participate in an Official Guided Tour to view the Amenities / features / acreage being offered within the ‘ Communities of Palm Coast ‘, subdivided to ‘ Sections ‘. At one time S&H Green Stamps were offered to purchasers. Each Section within each ‘ Community of Palm Coast ‘ had various Amenities / Features / Acreage and varying ‘ Completion Dates ‘. The varying Completion Dates gave prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase a parcel / shelter unit in the year they needed; also offered was buying on time payments atypically 10 years of payments.


    A related Feature of the Palm Coast Community of Palm Harbor, Section-C – Emergency Services Building Firehouse #22:
    For me, I firmly believe our Firefighters need ‘ Tradition ‘. They have few now. I just wrote the City Council and asked for a Historical MARKER to be applied for for that location to give ‘ Tradition ‘ to our Firefighters. There may be two things happening – a MARKER could be applied for because of the Mid-Century Facade/design and also the origins and importance of this historic building. If during the upgrades the facade is maintainted intact that would be in the Application Process along with its’ origin, heritage and history. That would give ‘ Tradition ‘ …if the facade is damaged that still would be o.k. most probably and a MARKER applied for based on the Origins/heritage / History.

    Also, many may have read statements from the Mayor that the County owes us a Firetruck. When we are finally reimbursed for this perhaps the monies can be used to try to find the original Levitt / I.T.T. Firetruck or a facsimile of it. Acquiring this vintage Firetruck would give our Firefighters more Tradition.

    For me, my many grand children would be in shock to see this vintage bright and shiney Firetruck; if they are able to touch it…if they are able to ride in it…it would be as good as Christmas for them. To have this to be available for Events for Palm Coast would be even more outstanding – Vintage Firetruck Event entry for Palm Coast –

    This would give ‘ Tradition ‘ to our Firefighters – They put their lives on the live everyday for us. To me our Firefighters deserve this. I can only hope they are not ignored and this opportunity to give Tradition is pursued for our Firefighters. Thank you.


    I.T.T. Letterhead ( Garfield Logo in top center of letterhead )

    Palm Coast is an upscale community master-planned for a high quality living and life style. The area is slightly larger than Washington, D.C.

    Palm Coast is located about half way between Saint Augustine and Daytona Beach, Florida, wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and U.S. Highway 1.

    The Palm Coast Community offers:

    Single family homesites ready to build on when you are

    Duplex homesites ready to build on when you are

    Salt Water canal homesites ( Sold only as lot & home package )

    Golf Course homesites ( Sold only as a lot & home package ) <--------------- Condominiums Townhouses Harbor Club, a deeded interval ownership vacation facility. More than twenty-five models to view Industrial Parks Office Centers Three golf courses now, more to come <------------------- A Wold Class Tennis Club with grass, clay & hard surface courts An 80 slip marina More than 12,000 neighbors and growing A low cost of living Five miles of unspoiled beaches Shopping centers Fine restaurants Public schools through community college level ***************************************************************************************************************

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