Flagler County 2009 Preliminary Property Assessments Posted On-line

Some homesteaded property owners will see assessments rise even though values have declined.

Palm Coast, FL – August 18, 2009 – The Flagler County Property Appraiser’s office has posted the 2009 property assessment data on its website www.flaglerpa.com. Property owners will be mailed their Truth in Millage (TRIM) notices on August 24th. The time to file an appeal to the Valuation Adjustment Board is limited by law to 25 days after the mailing of TRIM notices.
To see your new assessed value, go the www.flaglerpa.com. Use the search option with your name or property address. You can also check out your friends and neighbors. UseThe Property Appraiser’s role is to set fair and equitable values. The 2009 assessed values are by law based on comparable qualifying sales occurring during 2008. The various taxing authorities determine the property tax by setting the millage rate. Assessed value questions should be directed to the Property Appraiser. Tax questions should be directed to those officials setting the millage rates.
For several years, Floridians who were homesteaded have benefitted from the Save Our Homes Amendment which capped the annual rise in assessed value to the lesser of 3% or the CPI gain. This led to severe disparities; both between homesteaders and non-homesteaders as well as between homesteaders who bought before the boom and those who bought at the top of it.
The past two years of decline in property values have wiped out most of the assessment disparity. Those who benefited the most during the boom are now seeing the other side of the coin. Homesteaded property owners with a Just (market) Value greater than their Assessed Value will see Assessed Values rise, even while Just Values fall. This will mean a tax increase because the overall millage rates will be rising this year to compensate for the decline in total taxable assessed value. Non-homesteaders and homesteaders who bought at the peak of the boom will see declines in both Just Value and Assessed Value. Whether or not the decline will translate into lower taxes this year will depend entirely on the millage rates set by our elected officials.

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