New York Company Touts Possible Chinese Drywall Cure

Sabre Technical Services says its Chlorine Dioxide treatment neutralizes the harmful properties of toxic Chinese drywall.

Palm Coast, FL – August 19, 2009 – With only two confirmed cases of toxic Chinese Drywall, Flagler County is not in the epicenter of the toxic Chinese drywall problem, but only a few cases are cause for concern. The reason for the concern is that Chinese drywall remediation is so expensive, requiring the home to be gutted to its bare bones. Now, New York-based Sabre Technical Services claims it has discovered a better and cheaper solution.
Some drywall imported from China during the building boom has been found to emit sulfur gases when exposed to heat and humidity, two elements common in the South. The gases cause corrosion of metallic surfaces, particularly copper, and raise concerns about its effect on the health of building occupants. The problem is still young and research is ongoing, but to date, the only effective remediation involves gutting the home, removing all drywall, wiring, fixtures and appliances. The house is rebuilt while the owners seek temporary housing. The typically 6-month project is estimated to cost at least $100 thousand.
Sabre’s solution is to infuse the home with chlorine dioxide. "The chlorine dioxide, what it does is it goes into the building and through the drywall and materials and actually reacts with all of those gases and compounds that happen to be there," said Sabre CEO Steven Oesterle. It essentially eliminates all the effects of Chinese drywall without gutting the house.
Sabre’s treatment is not cheap, costing $15 to $20 per square foot, or $30,000 to $40,000 for a 2,000 SF home. But that is still less than half the alternative. Only time will tell if the chlorine dioxide treatement is "too good to be true" or the real thing.

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