City Council Will Review Refuse Hauler Franchise Fee

Follow up on commentary reminding city council of its December 2nd promise.

Palm Coast, Florida – March 14, 2009 – On February 28, sent a letter to Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon (cc: council members) urging the city council to follow up on its promise to review the 10% franchise fee on commercial refuse haulers. At a December 2nd meeting, the council had said they would do so but the item did not appear on any subsequent agendas.
I’d like to report that Landon raised the issue at Tuesday’s council workshop as an item "not on the agenda." After discussion, the council agreed that the franchise fee needs to be eliminated or deferred for a period of time. Look for a proposal from Landon for council’s action soon. They are doing the right thing. Here are the issues:
  • City staff could not document the amount of "damage" done by commercial haulers’ trucks to Palm Coast’s streets.
  • Other commercial vehicles (UPS, FedEx, cement trucks, delivery trucks, etc.), who also may damage streets, would not be subject to the franchise fee.
  • City staff could not accurately forecast the revenue the city should expect from the franchise fee.
  • Commercial haulers would simply pass the 10% franchise fee (tax) on to commercial customers (shopping centers, restaurants, etc.) who would pass them on to their customers (residents/voters). Residents are already paying a 10% premium for residential refuse service due to a 10% franchise fee on the city’s residential hauler.
  • This is not a good time to place more economic burdens on local businesses or local residents.
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  1. John Boy
    John Boy says:

    Franchise Fee

    Toby, thank you for forcing the City to take action on this issue. How about writing a letter concerning the outrageous salary being paid to the City Manager.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    good job

    Thank you for being the only public voice willing to speak out and keep the city on track.
    Does John Boy realize the council is voting to give the manager a 3% ($4918.00) raise at Tuesday’s City Council meeting?

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