City Selects Management Company for Palm Harbor Golf Course

Construction progress supports September opening provided we have enough rain.

Palm Coast, Florida – March 13, 2009 – At the Tuesday, March 10 workshop of the Palm Coast City Council, it was decided that a recommendation be made at the March 17 City Council meeting to award the management contract for Palm Harbor golf course to Kemper Sports. Kemper Sports operates the Golf Course at Cypress Head in Port Orange. In its evaluation of alternative proposals, city staff was influenced by input from "Friends of Golf," a local group of golf enthusiasts who also provided input into the design and construction phases of the new municipal golf course. Two other companies submitted responses to the city’s request for proposal.
The course was obtained from Centex when Centex pulled out of its plan to develop a resort hotel and reconstruct the golf course. The new course will be known as the Palm Harbor Golf Club. If the area receives sufficient rain during the growing season, a September opening is anticipated.
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  1. Janice
    Janice says:

    Golf Course

    I think it’s great that that golf course will finally be productive. What about Matanzas Woods? It’s going to seed/waste just waiting for a make-over. There are barks of trees laying on the ground where they started cutting them down, and hardley any grass. It’s a mess. I miss the golfing activity.

  2. Paul
    Paul says:

    Matanzas golf

    In answer to Janice about matanzaas golf course.The city has nothing to do with the condition of that course.That course is owned by Landmar and managed by Hampton golf.

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