Centex May Have a Buyer for Remaining Palm Coast Resort Condominiums

Meanwhile, Centex continues to sell units. Sales are brisk.

March 21, 2008 – Palm Coast, Florida – Not for the first time, I’ve been told that a potential buyer had been found for remaining Centex properties in Palm Coast, FL. Reportedly, there have been some letters of intent signed in the past, but that’s as far as the process had ever gone. Now, I understand that a buyer is in the due diligence phase toward the purchase of the remaining condominiums at the Palm Coast Resort.
Meanwhile, Centex continues selling the units. Between thirty and forty are still available. This may be the last opportunity for people to purchase condos with Ginn membership incentives from Centex before they are sold as a group. It’s unknown whether the potential buyer is planning to resell the units or rent them.
Remaining Centex properties for sale include the unsold but completed Palm Coast Resort condos, two pads for additional condos and a pad for a hotel at the resort, property approved for condos adjacent to the Palm Harbor Golf Course, un-built pads in Tidelands, and entitled property in Marineland.
Another rumor that the Marriott had purchased the resort property is false.

Rumor: (noun) A current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts

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  1. Patti McClintock
    Patti McClintock says:

    Resort property

    Hi Toby just wanted to let you know , they are pulling out the temporary offices next to the Marina, its actually good to see them go, I’ll have a great view of the intracoastal.

    Patti McClintock

  2. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Liz

    The entire marina and resort complex is recorded as one parcel. The PUD agreement regarding the parcel includes language that assures the marina continues. Toby

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