Are Gas-Passing Microbes the Chinese Drywall Problem?

Could it be as simple as microbes passing gas after a tasty meal of gypsum?

Palm Coast, FL – November 9, 2009 – First, it was global warming caused by flatulent cows. Could the Chinese toxic drywall problem be as simple as microbes passing gas after a tasty meal of gypsum? Note the dateline. It’s not April 1st.

By Anthony Westbury (, November 7, 2009)
The most interesting news about Chinese drywall this week, however, came via our cousins at Scripps Howard News Service.
A U.S. company, they reported, has alerted government scientists it’s found bacteria in Chinese drywall that may be emitting the sulfurous gases many homeowners say cause health and electrical problems.
The theory is that the bugs may have gotten into the wallboard via tainted water during in the manufacturing process. The normally harmless (but inscrutable) bugs eat the gypsum in the board and let off the gas after dinner.
If true, this might be very good news for Florida homeowners, who make up at least one third of all tainted drywall cases reported so far,
A simple disinfecting process of the wallboard could be sufficient to stop the problem. Think of it as Beano for bugs.
Toby’s Commentary: Wouldn’t it be nice if a simple solution were found. This is a case where homeowners and their builders were equally victims.

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