Palm Coast’s Palm Harbor Golf Course Opens

Saturday ribbon cutting followed by tournament for special guests and media. Public play began on Sunday

palm harbor golf course from gotoby.comPalm Coast, FL – November 10, 2009 – The November 7-8 weekend marked the long anticipated reopening of the Palm Harbor Golf Course. Saturday was marked by a ribbon cutting ceremony and a tournament for special guests and media. Public play began on Sunday. I was fortunate to be among those who played in the Saturday tournament.
The course, Palm Coast’s first, was once a jewel, one of four courses available to Palm Coast golfers. The other three, now owned by LandMar Group, are Cypress Knoll, Pine Lakes, and Matanzas (currently closed). Palm Harbor was sold to Centex and later closed when Centex’s resort and golf course renovation project stalled. The rapidly deteriorating course sparked the wrath of local residents, especially those with adjoining property.
In the end, Centex "donated" the property to the City of Palm Coast, who planned to renovate the golf course as a municipal facility. The result of that effort can now be enjoyed. Palm Harbor is sited among some of the most majestic old oaks, draped with Spanish moss. It’s surrounded by some of Palm Coast’s earliest homes, but the homes are set well back from the course.
Palm Harbor is in great condition. Like all new courses, the greens are hard, but the fairways and teeing areas have plenty of grass. Being a municipal course, future rounds will probably be slow, but the setting is worth the waiting.
Along the way Saturday, I learned more about my own game. For instance, I used to have a 150 yd club. I came to the realization that I hadn’t hit my 150 yd club 150 yards in at least two years. I also discovered I have several 150 yd clubs, any of which can randomly produce a 150 yard shot. One of those is my driver.
Kemper Sports is operating Palm Harbor for the City. They hired several local residents. I’m sure you will recognize some of them. Kemper is offering a "Players Card" for $125 each. I recommend it. Cardholders get a 10% discount on playing fees as well as on clothing sold in the pro shop. They also have an additional day to make advanced tee times. Shirley and I both joined.
See you all there.

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3 replies
  1. sam
    sam says:

    good for them

    Now if we can convince Landmar/ Crescent to give the Matanzas course to someone who will renovate and open it…. that would really be good news.

    All due respect to those folks on the Pine, Cypress and Palm Harbor courses…. the Matanzas community has received the biggest hit of them all with the continued shut down of the course and club.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Reply to Sam

    Hello Sam: Perhaps you may want to contact a Daniel Johnson III at H.U.D. and ask for copies of ‘Palm Coast ILS#30564’ and also ‘Palm Coast ILS 29870’. Therein you can read how homeowners in Section #34 and Section #37 ( Cypress Knoll Golf Course Matanzas Golf Course) can recover your Golf Course.
    A suggestion – perhaps you all can form ‘Friends of Matanzas Golf’ and recover your Course(s) perhaps even aided and assisted by the city.
    We hope the ILS ( Interstate Land Sales) info. is helpful. We too want to be able to enjoy that course again, after all, we paid very high prices to have access to an indentified Four Golf Course Palm Coast Community, so we share your pain if that helps.
    We hope it is helpful info.
    George Edward Chuddy.

  3. Bob Rener
    Bob Rener says:


    Congrats on the grand opening of the palm harbour golf course

    I hope that the opening will give the cave people one less thing to complain about and one more thing to do with thier time!

    But now that Centex is gone, who is to blame next?

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