Where Did the Ginn Boat Go?

Satisfying GoToby.com readers’ curiosity. The Sundancer story, is Racetrac still coming to Seminole Woods and what’s happening on US1 just south of Palm Coast Pkwy?

PALM COAST, FL – May 19, 2016 – I get a lot of calls and emails from GoToby.com readers asking about one thing or another. Recently, three questions have popped up several times. So here are the answers.

What happened to the Ginn Boat?

Sundancer YachtMany of us still refer to the Hammock Beach Resort’s Sundancer dinner cruise yacht as the Ginn Boat because local developer Bobby Ginn bought it back when he was running the resort. Bobby is long gone and his former financial partner, Philadelphia-based Lubert Adler has Salamander Resorts running the show now. The yacht carried a heavy debt burden; too much for the popular dinner cruises, Sunday brunches and special event charters to cover.

It was sold in November to Cornucopia Cruise Line operating out of the Perth Amboy Pier in New Jersey. Cornucopia markets itself as “The Best Dinner & Event Cruise Line.” The Sundancer brings the company’s fleet to six ships. [Cornucopia Website]


Sundancer Yacht

Is Racetrac still coming to the corner of Seminole Woods Blvd. and SR 100? Why is there a for sale sign on the lot?

Racetrac is still coming. The for sale sign refers to a small commercial parcel south of the Racetrac site. A building permit application has been received by Palm Coast.

Racetrac Site

Racetrac site

What’s going to be built on west side of US 1 just south of Palm Coast Pkwy?

Nothing is being built. The land was cleared to mitigate a fire hazard. The land had once been a turpentine stand. As the longleaf pines died, the resin concentrated in the center core (heartwood) of the trees, particularly in the stump or tap root, creating a very combustable biomass. Such wood has long been used by southerners to start campfires and stoves. They refer to it by several names; lighter wood, rich lighter or fat lighter. The property owner plans to replant, either with trees or pasture grass.

US1 site cleared

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