What Does One Share of Berkshire Hathaway Stock Buy in Palm Coast?

Berkshire Hathaway Class A stock closed at $202,850 Thursday, prompting me to wonder what a single share might buy in Palm Coast. You might be surprised.

Palm Coast, FL – August 16, 2014Legendary; a word aptly used to describe both Warren Buffett and his company. Always deemed expensive, Berkshire Hathaway stock first passed the $1,000 per share price in 1983. Its Class A stock topped $200,000 per share Thursday. It peaked that day at $203,081, closing at $202,850.

I wondered what you could buy in metro Palm Coast (which includes all of Flagler County) with the proceeds of the sale of a single share. You might be surprised. Here’s an impressive list of choices.

  1. You could buy one of 399 single-family homes listed for sale through MLS for $202,850 or less (one share). The average list price of this group is $153,885 which, if you bought at the average, would leave you with $48,965 in change. That’s enough left over to pay for 309 red light camera citations (if paid on time). And you’d still have $143 in your pocket; enough for a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee.
  2. You might select one of 42 homes listed within our target price range with in-ground swimming pools. The average listing price of these pool homes is $166,068, leaving $36,782 in change, enough for only 232 red light camera violations and about three weeks of Starbucks coffee.
  3. Or, you could buy the five least expensive lots in The Conservatory for a total of $171,500 (at list price – and who pays list price anymore?). By the way, you would be buying these lots for $1,814,000 (not a typo) less than the total paid for the five in 2005. And you would still have $31,350 left over (for whatever).  
  4. Are you a boater? Pick up any one of 61 home sites perched on a salt water canal.
  5. Or buy one of 15 lots with frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway. Three of these lots are within resurgent Yacht Harbor Village.
  6. You would have enough money to buy one of three Oceanshore Blvd S (A1A) home sites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in famously funky Flagler Beach.
  7. Or would you rather have one of the 11 listed home sites overlooking one of the area’s golf courses. A 12th lot was listed as fronting Matanzas Golf Course. That must be a really old listing.
  8. Do you want to live in one of the area’s most prestigious communities? You could buy the salt water canal home site at 189 Island Estates Pkwy, listed for $199,000.
  9. If you prefer condo living, why not purchase one of the 69 units priced below $202,850. The available list includes three in Canopy Walk, nine in Hammock Beach and nine in Tidelands.
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  1. Lee Filer
    Lee Filer says:

    How About Giving Some to Charity?

    Toby, you left out one very important thing. How about including giving some to charity like the Disabled Veterans or our local animal rescue Second Chance Rescue in Bunnell who is wonderful at finding homes for stray and unwanted pets!

  2. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Lee

    Charitable contributions are always worthy, but that was not the point of my article. I was simply trying to point out what a great bargain Palm Coast is (with a little humor).

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