Watch Palm Coast Develop: A Bird’s Eye View

One nice thing about living in a relative young city is that you don’t have to look too far back for history. Google Earth has satellite images of Palm Coast going back to 1995.

PALM COAST, FL – January 3, 2016 – One advantage of living in a young city is that you don’t have to look too far back for history. I remember when my daughter signed up for a history class. I’ve always loved history so I asked her, “What period of time does the course cover?” She replied, “From the end of the Second World War to the present.” I told her, “If you have any questions, call me. I’ve been here the whole time.”

Palm Coast became a city in December 1999 with a population of 18,556. Today, it is estimated that the city’s population exceeds 80,000. With the help of Google Earth, lets step back to 1995 and follow progress over 20 years. Granted, ITT’s master-planned community was conceived in 1969, but Google Earth was not yet available.

Palm Coast, FL - Google Earth

Notice that Colbert Lane ends at the present Grand Haven main entrance.

Look closely. What don’t you see?

  • Grand Haven
  • The Conservatory
  • Matanzas High School
  • Tidelands
  • European Village
  • Canopy Walk
  • Palm Coast Plantation
  • Cobblestone Village
  • Town Center
  • The Creek golf course
  • Ocean Hammock and Hammock Beach
  • Albertson’s (now Publix on Belle Terre)
  • Florida Hospital Flagler
  • Kohl’s
  • Racetrac
  • ABC Liquor
  • Costco
  • Bed Bath & Beyond

Now examine the following pictures for changes over time.

Palm Coast, FL - Google Earth

Colbert Lane is extended all the way to SR 100. Grand Haven is taking shape. Still no Conservatory or Creek golf courses. Yacht Harbor Village has not been started.

Palm Coast, FL - Google Earth

The Creek Course is done. The Conservatory is under development. So too is Palm Coast Plantation. Ocean Hammock and Hammock Beach are underway. Work at Town Center is underway along with Florida Hospital Flagler. This view shows evidence of Palm Coast Park being developed on both sides of Rt 1 north of Palm Coast Pkwy.

Palm Coast, FL - Google Earth

Palm Coast, FL - Google Earth

And you still can't find Bed Bath & Beyond or Costco. Maybe next year.






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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    The State of Palm Coast 1987

    for the newer Palm Coasters if you want to compare and contrast:

    The State of Palm Coast

    On February 4, 1987, I.T.T. Community Development Corporation President Jim Gardner delivered his State of Palm Coast address to the Palm Coast Civic Association. He reported “nothing but good news,” and included in that category were challenges ahead for I.T.T.-C.D.C. and local citizens. Here are excerpts:

    ” The taxable value of the Palm Coast Service District has increased almost 600 percent since 1980, from $ 102 Million to $ 566 million at the end of 1986. During that time the population increased from about 4,500 to almost 10,000 today. In other words, while the population has doubled, the assessed value for tax purposes has increased almost six times. Economic growth is the primary reason…bringing in more tax revenues without additional burden on residents…
    Palm Coast’s emerging personality is a combination of our company’s activity and the strong, ongoing commitment of residents and local government…Palm Coast has matured to the state where responsibilities for public services are being picked up by the public-a sign of a healthy, progressive community…
    For years, C.D.C. was the only game in town. That isn’t true anymore. We have a good balance here now…industry, recreation , outside businesses coming in, healthy competition in the marketplace, government facilities, public services, schools, activities and residents who are making a difference. We remain the major catalyst, but our involvement in the running of this community is diminishing, as Palm Coast residents move toward self-government and self-reliance…
    Palm Coast citizens are moving ahead on many fronts…

    The quality of our school system, the physical plant the instructional staff, are all expanding because the citizens perceived the need and were willing to meet it:

    A group of citizens bucked the many obstacles and went doggedly ahead to create from their own pockets and sweat a new rifle and archery range available to the public:

    The Service District Advisory Council, the fire department and county staff are engaged with us in a program to establish a new central fire station west of I-95;

    The Civic Association is completing work on a major expansion of the R.V. storage compound – a place that allows the community to enforce rules against parking of vehicles in residential areas;

    The Humane Society is pushing for expansion of its center;

    The Chamber of Commerce has started work on its new headquarters building;

    A group of citizens is involved in an intensive study of our local governments with a full public review planned…so we can mutually decide on what our government should be in the future

    The Civic Association has joined in seeking tougher enforcement of the covenants and restriction that help to assure our high quality of life:

    And the Civic Association is getting primed to initiate a community-wide cleanup effort so that the junkers, refuse dumpers and garden-variety litterbugs will, where possible, be prosecuted, and citizens will be enlisted to help clean up their own neighborhoods.

    The lost could go on and on, for with every new project completion, another gets started.
    I’d also like to take a look into the crystal ball for 19187 with these predictions:
    1,300 new residents are expected to arrive;
    FAA classes will begin in the fall;
    Construction on the bridge will be well underway;
    You’ll be shopping and dining out at St. Joe Plaza, eating chicken from The Colonel, seeing Wal-mart nearing completion, stopping by two Lil’ Champ stores, taking pets to a new vet clinic, visiting doctors, dentists and professionals at new office buildings on Old Kings Road;
    Preliminary work on our fourth golf Course in Cypress Knoll will start;
    Wadsworth Elementary School will open it doors this fall

    There will be many others, but suffice to say Palm Coast is booming, and tomorrow looks to be even better than today.”

    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1987, pp. 14, 16.

    Meanwhile on the Links

    The Designer Dedicates Matanzas

    Arnold Palmer came to town Wednesday, November 12, and as usual attracted an army. He cracked the traditional club against the side of Matanzas Woods Golf Club’s new clubhouse- just as he had done to dedicate Pine Lakes Country Club five years earlier. Then he teed off with 120 fellow golfers-among them local leaders, state legislators, business people and co-designer Ed Seay – in an invitational tourney. The day ended with a reception for members and golfers on the driving range, and then Arnie was off by helicopter, flying low over the crowd.
    “Florida’s next great golf course,” in the words of Golfweek magazine, is now officially christened by the golf legend who designed it.

    Pine Lakes New Members Lounge

    Golfers are second only to fishermen in the telling of tall tales, and therin lies the logic behind “Fibber’s,” resident Jay Bell’s wining entry in SunSport Recreation’s ‘Name the Pink Lakes Members Lounge” contest.
    With the closing of The Harbour Restaurant for the Sheraton Hotel construction, Pine Lakes Country Club restaurant – newly remodeled and renamed “Champions” – opened its doors to the public last summer. Earlier this year Palm Coast Construction started work on a new member-only lounge and restaurant, due for completion this summer.
    More than 400 contest entries poured in, ranging from the lofty and spiritual ‘ Treetops” and “Members’ Monastery” – to the jazzy and political – “Boogie Bar’ and “Bourgeois Lounge.” But “Fibber’s” came out on tope, and earned Pine Lakes charter member Jay Bell a $200 gift certificate.

    Palm Coast’s three golf courses, by the way, are looking good and playing even better. Matanzas Woods and Pine Lakes were the host courses for the $ 80,000 Palm Coast Classic, a Tournament Players Association tour event, on February 23 – March 1.

  2. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:


    I have lived in P>C> for 25 years. Raised to children in a beautiful clean place. My only problem with living here the and now is that there is still no fun place for preteen or teenagers to gather. Some suggestions would be put-put golf, arcade,theater on in the original P.C.. Where the brand new publix is. Put these ideas on the table and see what you all can do for your community. It’s sad to have to take all our guests out of town to spend their money elsewhere. I’m not suggesting this will keep kids from getting in trouble because their bored. Please I believe a kids going to get in trouble just cause they just will. Let the good, supervised children be social besides school. Listen to their music and converse with others in stead of their faces stuck in their phones and T.V.’s. T.Y. for your time. Sincerely C.Chambers



    You mentioned “Costco”, where is that going in Palm Coast. Haven’t read anything about it yet. I am a Snowbird, maybe thats why I haven’t read about it yet.
    Thank you, I enjoy all your articles and information that you provide


  4. Toby Tobin
    Toby Tobin says:

    Reply to Kathy

    Costco rumors have been around Palm Coast for as long as has been publishing (nine years). The latest, from a good source, had Costco looking at property along SR 100 near the county airport. That opportunity apparently fell through. I know of no current activity.

  5. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Palm Coasts Communities History


    Palm Coast is a community of communities. And each, from the pine forests of Seminole Woods to the waterways of Palm Harbor, has distinct virtues making it a special place to live. Yet collectively, they fly under the same banner, and that’s what sets them apart from the rest of Florida. They are all a part of Palm Coast, “one the finest planned communities in the United States.” The Palm Coast lifestyle is what unites them. The Golf Courses, tennis clubs, swim clubs, marina and other Palm Coast Amenities make every homesite in every community a prime location. In fact, there is a wide variety of choice homesites still available throughout Palm Coast. In Pine Lakes, with its country club. In Belle Terre, where the swim and racquet club and Belle Terre Middle School are located. In Matanzas Woods, where the new Arnold Palmer-designed golf course will be completed in 1985. In Seminole Woods, within five miles of the high school and the cities of Flagler Beach and Bunnell. In fact, some of the best homesites in Palm Coast are still for sale. ITT Community Development Corporation makes the decision to purchase a homesite less difficult. There are financing choices to suit almost any budget. Talk to a Palm Coast land sales representative to find our more, at 10800-874-1828, in Florida, 904/445-3411, or at your nearest Palm Coast sales office. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at the diverse communities that are Palm Coast:

    Belle Terre site of the first Palm Coast Triathlon, the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club, with tennis courts, heated 50 meter pool, Nautilus room and Fitness Trail, is a focal point of this community west of I-95, where the modern Belle terre Middle School opened in 1982. Forested homesites compliment beautiful homes.
    Cypress Knoll – The Site of Palm Coast’s fourth golf course, to be completed in 1990. Cypress Knoll borders Highway 100 and Belle Terre Parkway. Near Flagler Palm Coast High School, homesites here offer convenient access to Flagler County’s other major towns, Bunnell and Flagler Beach, and to the amenities of Pine Lakes and Belle Terre.
    Grand Haven – Grand Haven is the community of The Woodlands neighborhood, home of Tennis Pro Tom Gullikson and family, and Woodhaven Condominiums. Its 3,500 acre conservation area borders the Old Kings Road entrance to Palm Coast east of I-95, one of the most beautiful travel routes in the community.
    Indian Trails. One of Palm Coast’s fastest growing communities, Indian Trails is north of St. Joe Road, west of I-95, The beautiful new Methodist Church is here, and Palm Coast’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan ( CLUP) designates three school sites isn the community. Indian Trails’ entrance is within two miles of the Palm Harbor Shopping Center, even closer to Pine Lakes Country Club.
    Lehigh Woods – Just south of the Pine Lakes Community, Lehigh Woods homesites are within four miles of the country club, as well as Highway 100, the quickest route to Flagler’s beautiful beaches.
    Matanzas Woods – in 1985, Matanzas Woods will be home to Palm Coast’s third golf course, one again a design of Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay, who worked their magic at Pine Lakes Country Club. Matanzas Woods is the Palm Coast community closest to the entertainment and atmosphere of the oldest city, St. Augustine, less than 25 miles north.
    Palm Harbor – At the heart of Palm Coast Palm Harbor contains homesites bordered by 23 miles of salt water canals, and many of Palm Coast’s community facilities, including the shopping center, marina, tennis club, Harbor Restaurant, Community Center, professional office park and Palm Harbor Golf Club, home course of LPGA star Nancy Lopez.
    Pine Grove – To the south of the Belle Terre community, Pine Grove homesites offer the same advantages as those in Lehigh Woods- close proximity to the amenities of Pine Lake and Belle Terre and to Highway 100, Flagler County’s main transportation artery that ends at the Atlantic Ocean.
    Pine Lakes – Home to the elegant Pine Lakes Country Club and its Arnold Palmer-designed championship course, Pine Lakes also offers some of Palm Coast’s most beautiful homes, including the popular villas and new models coming in 1984.
    Quail Hollow – Site of the new Flagler Council on Again headquarters, Quail Hollow is a beautiful community south of Highway 100, where less than two miles east are the Flagler County Airport and Flagler Palm Coast High School. Bordering U.S. 1. Quail Hollow offers homesites that makes quick trips to Daytona Beach even quicker.
    Seminole Woods – Also south of Highway 100 and due east of Quail Hollow, Seminole Woods is the Palm Coast community whose entrance is within four miles of the Atlantic Ocean. Thewooded homesites here, as in Quail Hollow, are close to Daytona Beach, yet less than ten miles from attractions of the Community they are a part of – Palm Coast.
    Wherever you’ve purchases or decide to purchase in the future, you can rest easy knowing there’s a beautiful piece of Palm Coast waiting for you. And Palm Coast is Florida at her finest.

  6. Corey G
    Corey G says:

    SR 100 projects

    As a Quail Hollow resident since 2004 we have always felt that our end of town lacked in alot of areas. Walgreens was a great addition. Town Center shopping certainly helped a bunch. However, we still lack quality gas stations and restaurants. When Racetrack at Seminole Woods and SR 100 and Aldi/ Gate gas station/ Tractor Supply and 2 unnamed restaurants at SR 100 Belle Terre Pkwy were announced a year and a half ago it sounded like dreams come true. Alas, it would seem like these projects have disappeared into thin air. I hear nothing about either. Toby or anyone, please give me some info so I can keep on hoping. In particular the Bunnell and 95 gas stations operate like greedy vultures. Thank you.

  7. Toby Tobin
    Toby Tobin says:

    Reply to Corey

    The project you mentioned is still on track for the southeast corner of SR 100 and Belle Terre. It’s simply caught up in the regulatory process (zoning, etc.).

    Note: there is a new Racetrac gas station being built at SR 100 and Seminole Woods.

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