Toby Recovering After Surgery

Unlike Humpty Dumpty, doctors were able to put Toby back together again.

Jacksonville, FL – May 14, 2012Toby Tobin’s surgery earlier today on his broken pelvis went very well, and Toby now is recovering at Shands Hospital in Jacksonville.  Toby badly broke his pelvis in a fall at his home in Palm Coast on Thursday, May 10.

With surgery behind him, Toby now will be moving into the three-month rehabilitation phase of this adventure.  He’ll be back on line within a few days, however–as soon as he has Internet access.

Toby again has asked me to express his sincere thanks to everyone for their support, comments, and well-wishes over the last few days.

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  1. David R. Fournier
    David R. Fournier says:

    Best Wishes

    Toby – Best wishes on a speedy recovery. All of us who are invested in and care about the Palm Coast area rely on your efforts and insight. Take care of yourself first this time.

  2. Jack Quick
    Jack Quick says:

    Get Well


    I am so sorry about your accident and glad to hear you are on the mend .

    Looking forward to having you back soon.

    Jack B Quick
    Hammock Beach Club
    # 816

  3. John Boback
    John Boback says:

    Toby on the mend


    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. The real estate and construction community needs you back asap.



  4. Rich Brunton
    Rich Brunton says:

    Get Well Wishes

    Toby, so sorry to hear about your accident. The recovery and rehab is just a little tougher when we climb into those wonderful senior years but stick with it. You will find that the further back you get to being almost normal/ fully normal with your daily activities, you will look back and be glad you worked so hard during rehab. Having been through 8 knee surgeries and 3 elbow surgeries, I have a pretty fair idea about recovery and rehab. Hope they keep it as painless as possible. God bless.

    Rich Brunton

  5. Ray Smith
    Ray Smith says:

    Get Well

    Can’t wait to hear your version of the "how it happened." I envision something like " during my practice back swing on my lanai while wearing my golf shoes a sink hole suddenly appeared and —- ?
    Get well and do the PT necessary to continue your very productive life.
    Ray Smith

  6. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Get Well Soon with Best Wishes

    Oh Toby, I miss you already! Love your webiste, info, insight….You’re the best person that ever happened to Palm Coast! Best Wishes for a speedy recovery and prayers for as little pain as possible during this time.

  7. Joanne and Joe urgese
    Joanne and Joe urgese says:

    Thinking of you

    We are glad you are on the mend. Our thoughts are with you and Shirley. May you have a speedy recovery. Joanne and Joe

  8. Bill Lyon
    Bill Lyon says:

    We miss you already!

    Let us know, Toby, when we can wheel you into another Rotary meeting. I’ll come get you! In the meantime, focus on your getting back to golfing form again, we know you can do it.

    Bill and Flo Lyon

  9. Pam Capela
    Pam Capela says:

    Get Well


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, Wishing you a painless and speedy recovery.
    Warmest Wishes,
    Pam Capela
    RE/MAX Select Professionals

  10. Paul Martini
    Paul Martini says:

    Good wishes

    Hi Toby, We wish you a sound recovery from your adventure. May be you should leave these household chores, like cooking ribs, to more experienced chefs – like at Black Cloud

  11. Pete McKinley
    Pete McKinley says:

    Speedy Recovery


    Wishing you a speed recovery and look forward to the articles returning! Pete McKinley/Prudential Warren Real Estate

  12. Mayor
    Mayor says:

    Get well soon

    Sorry to learn of fall, don’t believe Ray Smith on
    How it happened. Know nurse Shirley will care for you well. Take care Toby, miss seeing you at the course.

  13. Your Bahamian Friend!
    Your Bahamian Friend! says:

    Wishing You A Speedy Recovery!

    Toby, hurry up and get well soon. I have some important information to share with you. You are in our prayers!

  14. Mark T
    Mark T says:

    Wish you a quick and full recovery

    I have appreciated your work for several years as an investor in Palm Coast real estate. I hope you will heal quickly and be back on your feet as soon as possible.

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