The Infinite Number of Monkeys and Infinite Number of Typewriters Theory of Golf

The lure of golf and golfing communities. Statistically, my round of 51 is just a matter of time. It’s my potential (if not my destiny).

Palm Coast, FL – March 2, 2013 – Golf is a game of perpetually unrealized potential. It has been said the game was invented by a sadist to be enjoyed by masochists. As a golfer, how many times have you heard, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while." or "It only takes one good shot to bring a golfer back for another round." The concepts behind these two thoughts explain golf’s addictive quality.
I was once a single digit handicap golfer. My most recent home venue was the Jack Nicklaus signature course at Grand Haven in Palm Coast, FL. During a period spanning ten years, I managed to birdie each of the 18 holes at least once. And I managed to eagle three, including a hole-in-one.
So I KNOW that I have the potential of shooting a 51 on the par 72 Nicklaus course. And any time I walk to the tee on a par three, I KNOW I’m capable of a hole-in-one. I’ve already done it, although not on the same day or even in the same year, by combining my best score on each hole. Statistically, my round of 51 is just a matter of time. It’s my potential (if not my destiny). Just like the theory that an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite number of typewriters will eventually reproduce the world’s greatest books.
I remember thinking, after I finished each round back then, of the few bad shots I’d hit that day. Older now and playing less, I get to recall a few bad shots after nearly every hole. The birdies are now few. It’s hard to remember my last eagle.
How close did I ever get to my potential round of 21 under par at Grand Haven? I had a handful of 74s; two over par. Even on my best days, I could not get within 23 shots of my potential.
Seriously, no matter what your level of play, some shots are either great or pretty good compared to your average. As I plan each shot, whether it’s from the center of the fairway, on the green, from a bunker or buried in the woods, I can remember at least once in the past when I hit that identical shot with spectacular results. It’s a golfer’s weakness to not only remember those shots but also to expect the same results again, not just some time in the future, but RIGHT NOW; on THIS shot.
Statistically, I have the same odds of hitting my worst shot as I do of hitting my best. The other 99.999% of the time, I’ll be somewhere in between. The fact that I couldn’t replicate that magnificent shot this time is frustrating because I know I can do it. But knowing that I can is what brings me back again and again, perpetually frustrated and forever a golfer.
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  1. Sharon Crowell
    Sharon Crowell says:

    Theory of Golf

    Thanks for your wonderful article describing my game…Just kidding….but it was a fun read. We all can hope to meet our own dreams of what we would like our golf to be like.

    Yes, you are a good golfer, and when you get back on the course again….it will all come back. How fun to have those great memories of how well you did. I don’t have those yet. Hopefully some day my game will all come together. Will see. Need to be on the Haney Project. That would be awesome.

  2. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Magnificent Monster for Golfers –

    Below is an example of great business acumen advertising used by by LEVITT I.T.T. to attract Golfers to ‘The Palm Coast Project’ –
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    A Federal Order later made Levitt ITT Corporate Offices be moved from Miami & New York to Palm Coast. The Executives moved to those Beautiful Homes on Cole Place in Palm Coast. That Special Area became known as the ‘ITT Executive Area’. Hopefully , in the future there will be a Historic Marker indicating all of this for thos Gorgeous Homes there.
    The Magnificent Monster for Golfers:
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    Palm Coast is a new community being developed by ITT Community Development Corporation. With over five miles of ocean beach along Florida’s Atlantic coast, it is just 43 miles from historic St. Augustine and 24 miles from the modern growing city of Daytona Beach.
    Recreation and social activities abound at Palm Coast. In addition to miles of Atlantic shoreline, Palm Coast has more than 17 miles along the Intracoastal Waterway and numerous streams, ponds and lakes. All this makes for excellent swimming , boating and bountiful salt and fresh water fishing. Palm Coast’s championship 18 – hole golf course and tennis courts are available as well as its yacht club and marina. ( Membership rates ad fees for recreational facilities are available on request). Temperatures are moderate, with a daily average of 60 in December and 80 in July.
    There’s plenty going on around Palm Coast, too. Daytona Beach has its renowned auto racing speedway, jai alai and dog racing. restaurants and night clubs. Marineland, with its famous aquarium and show, is just 23 miles away.
    For those interested in cultural pursuits, St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, features an area restored to its appearance in Spanish times. Both St. Augustine and Daytona Beach offer museums and historical sites, concerts by symphony orchestras and leading artists, and touring ballet and theatre.
    Palm Coast is a community where plans and protections will help growth occur on an ecologically sound basis, with fresh air, 15,000 Acres of green enclaves, and low population densities. With its climate, access by air, train and auto, and many recreational facilities, Palm Coast proves an ideal location for meetings, vacations, and year ’round living.
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    There are many things to see and do in the nearby area. Daytona, with its world-famous speedway and its busy nightlife is only 24 miles to the south. And just 26 miles north, you’ll find charming Saint Augustine, the oldest city in the nation with its famous restorations, quaint shops and cheery little side streets looking much the same as it did in the 17th Century.
    The location of Palm Club within the Palm Coast community is a dream come true. On one side, the rolling greens of the Palm Coast Golf Course stretch out before you creating a feeling of spaciousness. On the other side, canals dotted with boats sailing by furnish a marvelous view. And all around a combination of natural greenery and fine landscaping bring nature close to you and provide both esthetic beauty and a welcomed feeling of privacy.
    As an owner of a Palm Club condominium, you can enjoy some of the most extensive recreational facilities on Florida’s northeast coast. All of Palm Coast’s amenities are open to you including immediate membership in the Golf and Yacht clubs at low resident rates.
    The golfer can take special delight in the fact that the place he calls home is just short walk away from Palm Coast’s 18-hole championship golf course. This ‘" Magnificent Monster " with its great trees, water hazards and well-placed traps has been acclaimed by touring pros as one of the finest courses in all of Florida and is the site of the Annual Palm Coast Open on the PGA tour.
    For tennis enthusiasts, courts with the latest synthetic surfaces are available within easy walking distance from your front door. About a half-mile down the road, you’ll find the Palm Coast yacht Club with excellent facilities and a delightful array of diversions. There are two main dining rooms, a bar, lounge and huge game room designed in an intriguing African motif. Outside the clubhouse, there’s a Junior Olympic size swimming pool that is often the site of swimming meets held as part of Palm Coast’s Community activities program. There’s also a gigantic sundeck, 2 tennis courts and a 75 slip marina that acts as a welcome ‘oasis’ for boats passing by.
    If fishing is your ‘thing’ , this part of the country is a veritable paradise. Whiting, channel bass, bluefish and pompano are regularly caught in the area and there’s an awesome variety of big game waiting for the adventurous angle in the cobalt blue waters off shore.
    In addition to all of these amenities offered at Palm Coast, your Palm Club condominium will offer you your own recreation center including swimming pool, sundeck and game room.
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    Consider all the Palm Club has to offer. With each new day there are a host of interesting and varied activities close by…from playing a championship golf course in the early dawn to luxuriating in the beauty of a spectacular sunset. It all adds up to a way of life that promised to be rich and rewarding to you and your family.
    For the newer Palm Coasters: The Palm Club was designed by the internationally known Artist, Mr. Marc Szabo. Presently he resides with a studio in Argentina and also maintains a Studio in L.A. We are Stewards of his Pen and Ink Papers of The Palm Club. Hopefully in the future we will be able to display them for all to see. They are Spectacular !

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