”Talk about Town” – Rumors of Developments in Palm Coast Real Estate

If the rumors are true, the tide may be turning for Palm Coast and Flagler County real estate.

Palm Coast, FL – March 14, 2011 – If the rumor mill is an accurate bellwether, the tide may be turning for Palm Coast and Flagler County real estate development. Here are a handful of rumors I’ve heard over the past week.
A pair of local investors is planning a 55,000 SF commercial building locally.
Aarons Rentals is tearing down the old Palm Coast Movie Theater in West Pointe Plaza and will be moving in there.
JC Penney may be coming to Town Center. They are rumored to be assessing a site on the east side of Landing Blvd (towards the high school) of the Palm Coast Landing (Target-anchored shopping center).
The developer of Beach Village Apartments is very pleased with the occupancy level and the client profile at Beach Village Apartments. They are planning another workforce housing complex in Town Center; similar to but slightly larger than Beach Village. I’m told the plans include 3 and 4-story units plus townhomes. The project is said to total 187 units. If approved, it will be built on parcel 6A in Town Center, behind the existing stores in the Target-anchored plaza. Landing Blvd will be extended from the Palm Coast Landing to Central Ave.
SunTrust has applied to renew a formerly approved development order for a branch bank in Town Center. The new request reduces the square footage to about 3,100 SF. The branch will be located north of Dunkin Donuts at the traffic circle (rotary) near the Landing Blvd entrance to Palm Coast Landing.
Palm Coast City Manager Jim Landon has recently hinted that several national retailers have been seen lately scouting out the area.
Rumor: (noun) a current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts

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  1. janet motta
    janet motta says:

    cypress point

    How could we allow that ugly building to be build next to Dr Dorne’s office.
    We as in the township made such a big deal about the colors of Dunkin Donuts and we are allowing a pole building ???

  2. Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams says:

    Managed growth with attraction to others

    This is the kind of grwoth we need. We have the room and the space and we are a beautiful (no bill board) community. ANd we will have to manage the traffic with foresight. but we all agree we need jobs…now lets get some manuafacturing and executive jobs!

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Matanzas woods area and US1

    Could you please tell me IF anyone is considering this beautiful area? We are all at least 5 miles from anything and this area should be a strong consideration for most of what they keep expanding in the Town Center.It would draw people from the St. Augustine area as well.

  4. Rose
    Rose says:

    What’s up with ICI and Cypress Knoll

    The word on the street is this..ICI wishes to have zoning changed in Cypress Knoll to include multiple Low Income Housing.Meeting to address this at African American Cultural Society in Palm Coast 4422 N U.S. 1 Wednesday April 13..7 to 9 P.M.
    All citizens of Cypress Knoll please attend. See you there

  5. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Steve

    The purchase was a pure investment. The new owner inherits the Kohl’s lease. Kohl’s will stay, but pay the new landlord rather than the former landlord.

  6. Denis Logan
    Denis Logan says:

    Some Mom and Pop Restarant

    I would like to see some more Mom and Pop restaurants in Palm Coast, instead of all the Chains and Specialtys. I’m thinking of places like we see up in the N.E. U.S. Like the Diners that have the little bit of everything menus, and daily specials. And with Good Food, 3 of us went to Grace’s 3 times and out of 9 meals never got a good one. When we complained we were answered with a shrug of the shoulder. A good example would be, The Chicken Pantry in Bunnell, excellent place to eat.

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