Symbolic 9-11 House of the Week: Northeast FL Eagle Cam – Bald Eagles’ Home in the Sky

The American Bald Eagle symbolizes the strength and freedom of our country. Today is 9/11. Symbolically, Northeast Florida’s favorite nesting pair of bald eagles, Romeo and Juliet, have returned.

Romeo and Juliet - NE Eagle CamNortheast Florida – September 11, 2015 – The American Bald Eagle symbolizes the strength and freedom of our country. On the 14th anniversary of the tragedy of 9-11, features Northeast Florida’s famous nesting pair. Watch live in HD as these magnificent birds prepare thier home (House of the Week) for yet another nesting season.

Romeo and Juliet have returned to their nest in the sky atop a slash pine to prepare it for their annual cycle of procreation. Romeo was the first arrival on August 31. Juliet arrived four days later. They have been monitored at the same nest since 2008. Each year, about this time, the pair rejoin after separate summer vacations to begin the annual nesting cycle.

Watch as they get reacquainted.

Photo and vidoe – ©American Eagle Foundation WWW.EAGLES.ORG 

LIve VIDEO of the Northeast Eagle Cam

The 2013 – 2014 Northeast Florida Bald Eagle Nesting Season was a terrific experience for the tens of thousands of people watching.  Two eggs were laid in mid Novembert. Two eaglets were hatched 35 days later. They grew up healthy and strong under the expert care and watchful eyes of their two loving and experienced parents. Food was abundant, and the eaglets thrived. They fledged in mid March and left the area about a month later. Romeo left for his summer vacation May 15th. Juliet left on the 20th.

And as you watch these magnificent symbols of our country’s strength and freedom today and throughout the upcoming nesting season (because you will become hooked), remember those who died on this day 14 years ago. And be thankful for those who gave their lives to create and defend our unique country as well as those who continue to defend and protect us daily, both here and abroad.

Where were you on 9-11? I was on a consulting assignment in Arlington, Va. From my office I could see the smoke from the Pentagon. My stepson (and webmaster) was only a couple of blocks from the towers. He had to literally walk out of Manhattan. 

Through the efforts of the American Eagle Foundation and several local volunteers, you will be able to watch the daily lives of these beautiful birds. Three high-definition cams are deployed. The first is a pan/tilt/zoom cam (PTZ) that affords incredible up close views of activities in the nest. The next cam is also a PTZ cam focused on the nest from a different angle, and is solar powered. The third video screen shows the nest tree and the canopy from a PTZ cam anchored on a different tree at a lower angle. If you watch for a while, you may be lucky enough to see eagles flying to and from the tree, and when the eaglets get to a certain size, you will see them begin to "branch" and ultimately "fledge" the nest.

At night, an infrared light is turned on. The eagles cannot see this light – it is outside their visible spectrum of light. Neither can humans. If you were at the nest site, looking up at the tree at night, you would only see light from the moon or stars. The infrared light is converted into visible light by the camera (but only black and white), and then we see the light because it has been converted and streamed to our computers!

American Eagle Foundation

Established in 1985, the non-profit AEF is dedicated to protect the majestic Bald Eagle, the USA's National Symbol, and its habitat by supporting and conducting eagle and environmental recovery and education programs. In 2015, we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary. The American Eagle Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity, so donations are fully "tax-deductible."

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Tree huggers

    Thank you Rachel Carson and her book “Silent Spring” and all fellow tree huggers and so called environmental wackos who were the basis for saving the Bald Eagle from extinction. The next time you hear the uninformed criticizing environmental regulations realize that most speak from a selfish motivation of profiting at the expense of environmental degradation and don’t give a darn about their impact on our natural world. Proud to be an unabashed tree hugger!

  2. Diane
    Diane says:

    American Eagle Foundation

    First of all, thank you Toby for giving credit to American Eagle Foundation as they had everything to do with getting cams into this nest. This was not an easy job. It is hot and buggy in August and all of us volunteered our time and sweat to be able to watch these magnificent eagles. We as humans can learn so much watching this wild nest, everything from housekeeping to child rearing! Many classrooms across the country watched and learned last year. This is a non profit organization. This is all accomplished by donations, no government funding. It is easy to join and many different levels of memberships. Thanks again Toby!

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