Surveying Stakes Appear at Epic Theater Site in Town Center

And other news about a new CVS Pharmacy and an ABC Liquor Store

Epic Theater in Town Center - Palm CoastPalm Coat, FL – August 21, 2009 – Palm Coast and Flagler County residents will be glad to hear that the new Epic movie theater in Town Center is another step closer to reality. Survey stakes can be seen at the construction site. Additionally, two other commercial projects are showing progress; a new CVS Pharmacy and office building and an ABC Liquor Store, all located at Palm Coast Pkwy and Old Kings Road.
Unofficially, Epic’s ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for later this month. The 48,281 square foot building will be the second commercial structure in the Town Center core. The building permit estimates the construction value at $6.1 million. The building will contain space for 14 movie theaters plus retail and restaurant units.
Land use and zoning changes were approved by Palm Coast’s Planning & Land Development Regulation Board (PLDRB) August 19 to allow a 12,900 square foot CVS Pharmacy and a 10,000 square foot office building on the Southeast corner of Palm Coast Pkwy and Old Kings Road. The changes must be approved by the City Council. The first reading will be at the Council’s September 1st meeting. The new project will replace the "Blue Roof" real estate sales center, a long-time Palm Coast icon.  Meanwhile, a site development plan nears final approval for an ABC Liquor Store on the Northeast corner of the same intersection.
CVS already has two new stores in Flagler County featuring drive-through service. A third store is presently located in the Palm Harbor Shopping Center. expects that older format location will be closed upon completion of the next new store.

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    ‘…One of the most Historic Areas in Flagler Coun

    **Local historian John Clegg “The History of Flagler County” reported that a number of Spanish grants were purchased by Joseph M. Hernandez whose plantations called St. Joseph, Bella Vista and Mala Compra (that translates as ‘bad purchase’ in Spanish) figure strongly in Flagler County’s history. St. Joseph Plantation had a sugar mill which was near a prior St. Joseph Mission, a Indian mission run by the Francisican Friars. Mr. Clegg said the foundation of the sugar mill existed until the time of the Palm Coast development. Today there is “St. Joseph Plaza” near the traffic heavy paved section of Old Kings Road.
    The sugar mill was reported to be in the area of 45 Park Drive today near Old Kings Road. A record of the research to locate this Mission is located at the Flagler Beach Museum.
    Mala Compra today exists within a Flagler County Park near A1A and was explored and relics
    shown in a library display. Some relics also exist in the Flagler Beach Museum.

    It can be said that the streaming auto traffic that now passes Palm Coast Parkway and Old
    Kings Road is also intersecting near one of the most historic areas in Flagler County.

    Major plantation locations included Mala Compra, St. Joseph, New Hartford, Bulow, Dunlawton, Putnam, Addison, Bunch, Oswald and Smyrna. There were also a multitude of smaller holdings along the route. Many of the Spanish land grants, which extended from St. Augustine to New Smyrna used Old Kings road as a reference point, it was sometimes called “public road.” These grants indicated that Old Kings Road pretty much followed the original British tract.

    These plantations needed the roadway. During the second Spanish period it was reported that maintenance was effected by local workers, and slaves from the adjacent plantations. Road maintenance fees were collected…The Kings Road Florida’s First Highway by Dr. William R. Adams, University of
    Central Florida Libraries


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