Rumored Requirement for a House License in Cap and Trade Energy Bill is False

Snopes and National Association of Realtors® debunk claims made by misleading Email.

Palm Coast, FL – October 3, 2010 – Just because you saw it on a computer does not make it true. An email loaded with false claims about the affect of the Cap and Trade Energy Bill on the housing industry is making the rounds. The claim that all existing real estate must meet new energy standards before it can be sold is false. And a license will not be required for your house.
Toby’s Commentary: does not support the Cap and Trade Energy Bill so I can understand the motivation behind attempts to demonize the bill with false claims. But the damaging affect on an already uncertain real estate market by such misleading information is unforgivable.
What is in the bill? Check out the following links for more details:
National Association of Realtors®: [Click]
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  1. bob rohr
    bob rohr says:

    Cap & Trade Bill

    Until one can see the final bill, approved by the Senate and the House, one will never be able to second guess the last minute, back door type provisions that are placed into legislation. Let’s hope that this bill does not pass…then we won’t have to worry about its provisions.

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