Public Meeting on Matanzas Interchange Planned

To discuss plans for construction of an I-95 interchange at the Matanzas Woods Overpass and the widening of Matanzas Woods Parkway.

Palm Coast, FL – August 4, 2011 – A public meeting to discuss plans for construction of an I-95 interchange at the Matanzas Woods Overpass and the widening of Matanzas Woods Parkway is planned for 6:30 p.m. Thursday, August 11 at the Palm Coast Community Center.
Both projects are in the design phase and public input is being sought. The plans call for widening Matanzas Woods Parkway in Palm Coast from two lanes to a divided four lane roadway with a median from U.S.1 to Old Kings Road. Two alternatives for the interchange are also being considered.
The meeting will be conducted in an open house format with a brief presentation at 7 p.m. Aerial maps and other project information will be on display at the meeting. Representatives will be available during the meeting to discuss the project and answer questions.
For more information on the project contact Brian Ribaric, Consultant Project Engineer for the Department of Transportation at 407-420-4200 or Richard Gordon Flagler County Project Manager at 386-313-4046. The Palm Coast Community Center is located at 305 Palm Coast Parkway NE.

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  1. evelyn palmeri
    evelyn palmeri says:

    Matanzas Interchange

    I hope this fails or the folks living in that area will enjoy the same level of traffic, noise and crime we are "enjoying" at the south end the county with the arrival of more CRA’s, mostly enpty strip malls, big box stores, the array of national chains of stores and restaurants that come in their wake and thousands more dwelling unit developments that cut down all the trees and leave mountains of dirt behind ala John Anderson Hwy off SR 100.

    You’ll be given assurances that it won’t happen in your neighborhood. Don’t believe it.

    Good luck.

  2. Stephanie Presley
    Stephanie Presley says:

    Good for Palm Coast

    Coming from a Realtor’s point of view, I think this would be fantastic for progress. So many buyers are not interested in Matanzas Woods because it is so far away from everything. Perhaps this will encourage an investor for the golf course because it will be easy access. It would be good to eliminate traffic on Palm Coast Pkwy and to bring in more business. More progress, more employment. If people think that Palm Coast is going to stay a sleepy little town forever, think again. Everyone should be happy with progress, it helps all of us.
    I say, go for it.

  3. Jennifer Ingels
    Jennifer Ingels says:

    Matanzas Interchange

    I like Suzanne’s comment. As a resident of Matanzas I feel my comments are valid. The interchange and widening project is many years away. It has been proposed for at least 10 years and moved down FDOT’s list of priority projects. Residents out here are pretty isolated. Another E-W major arterial and access to I-95 is important for growing this area and improving the quality of life here. Better access means ease of access and less waste of fossil fuels to get to shopping in PC. It means increased retail sales and use of services in PC. We are so near US 1 we usually go to St Augustine for our shopping needs. It’s a hassle to drive a circuitous route to get to 100. Our wish list calls for a sidewalk to be installed from US 1 to the interchange to connect with the sidewalk going over I-95.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Matanzas Woods Interchange

    To our knowledge thie Interchange was in the original ‘Design’ plan of The Palm Coast Project. I think three were/are planned.
    For the newer Palm Coasters, in the beginning there wasn’t any interchange at all. We would have to drive down old kings Road, west on S.R. 100, then UP Belle Terre –
    Tho’ that interchange initially known as exit 91C was planned, the Federal Investigators put in the ‘Consent Agreement’ for Palm Coast, Inc., that ITT would pay for the interchange. I think it was and maybe still is the only time a Developer was ordered to pay for an Full Interchange.
    That is also how the Palm Harbor Shopping Center came into being – a full one stop shopping center was ordered for us, also that is how St. Joe Grade, a.k.a Palm Coast Parkway can into being.
    ( St. Joe Grade reference – Brigadeer General Jose Martin Hernandezs’ third Big Plantation was called ‘St. Josephs Plantation’ – the local Historians say it is in / around 45 Florida Park Drive. Goods were shipped UP to the Port of St. Augustine before the U.S. became the U.S. – which is why there is a big effort to have this area designated by Congress as a ‘National Heritage Area’.
    It is nice to see this planned accessibility come to fruition.

  5. dT
    dT says:

    Big Box shouldn’t be the concern

    Evelyn, The ‘hope and change’ economy that has been engineered by president Obama is already delivering criminals to our doorsteps. I would fear his economic downturn more than any big box stores. Obama has tamed the market to exacerbate growth and profit in the private sector…No big box store will be building here soon; with or without an intersection; unfortunately.

  6. Jennifer Ingels
    Jennifer Ingels says:

    Matanzas Interchange

    Some valid opinions have been expressed on this blog about the interchange. Here are some more.
    Several years ago when Palm Coast Park was in the planning stages along with another development on the east side of I-95, the City informed the developers, primarily Palm Coast Holdings, which the developers would be expected to share in the cost of the interchange improvements. Their share of the cost was included in impact fees based on development of the adjacent and benefitting development in the area. With the change in the State growth legislation, the Comp Plan can no longer be relied on to require developer financial support. Also, the City has reduced impact fees.
    But, the City (also the County) has a choice as to how to handle the payment of road fees. Although development has been at a turtle’s pace, if non-existent for a time, it will start up again. The City and the County (overseer of the funding application to FDOT) should be encouraged to hold to the same requirements, even if some amendment is needed to boost development.
    One thing is for sure. Publix had plans to build at the NE corner of Matanzas Rd and US 1. This did not happen due to the economy but also because Matanzas had not been improved and the interchange construction was a long way off.
    If this interchange and its arterial are not improved, Matanzas Woods and the "B" Section will continue to suffer disinvestment and residential prices and general upkeep and maintenance will continue to plummet.

  7. jeff drummonds
    jeff drummonds says:

    jeff d.

    I hope this will eventually happen for several reasons, some of those may be selfish, but either way this change helps more than it hurts given the history of activity in Matanzas Woods. I own the large 26+ acres just west of I-95 and slightly north of Matanzas Pkwy. Would you believe I have paid significantly more in real estate taxes than I originally paid for the land? That is another discussion though, so I will move on. With the shutting down of the golf course along with the real estate activity all but drying up, the addition of the interchange could bring much needed capital and interest back to Matanzas Woods. Another important function of that interchange would be to improve the evacuation routes for the various emergencies that have, and will again eventually present itself. Traffic will always be a future challenge when growth resumes, so in that regard, it looks like an obvious prudent decision that will get made AT SOME POINT. Of course, the slow pace our government operates at even in good financial times, coupled with the fact that our Federal, State, and Local governments are borderline insolvent, this will get talked to death, and then put into countless commitees, and my kids, kids may one day enter and exit I-95 at Matanzas Woods Pkwy! By the way, my land is for sale. 386-931-4547

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