Possible Buyer for Hammock Beach Club

A Canadian is said to be looking at the golf courses along with future development rights. The NOPC outcome will likely be a key factor.

Palm Coast, FL – April 19, 2011[Updated 4/21] I’m told that there’s a potential buyer for the Bobby Ginn-developed Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL. The buyer is said to be Michel Tremblay from Ottawa, Canada. The buyer is interested in the Conservatory and Ocean golf courses as well as remaining development rights at the luxury Oceanside community and resort complex.
The development had not used all of the entitled residential units when build-out was completed. Ginn had previously decided to put single-family residential units into a portion of the Cinnamon Beach area that had been planned for high density. A recent effort (NOPC) to transfer the 561 remaining entitled units to a new area created from a parcel platted for use as a golf course was turned down by Flagler County. The county’s ruling was upheld by the recommendation of an administrative judge. Further appeal activity is expected.
Many believe that Lubert-Adler, Ginn’s original financial partner and current owner of Hammock Beach needs further development to support the resort’s overhead and make the community viable. Apparently the Canadian prospect feels the same. The final decision on further development will play a big role in the future of Hammock Beach.
Also on the radar – Front Door Communities, a group of former Reynolds Plantation executives including Tom Allhoff was on site late last week touring the Hammock Beach property. Reynolds was managing the Hammock Beach Club for Lubert-Adler prior to Reynolds’ recent financial difficulties. Allhoff was Reynolds’ local manager. There is speculation that Front Door Communities is ready to step into the role Lubert-Adler had planned for Reynolds; both in Palm Coast and at other uncompleted Ginn-LA communities.
Rumor: (noun) a current story or statement without confirmation or certainty as to facts

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  1. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Consent Agreement C-2854 and Compliance Report Exh

    We have asked the Honorable Administrative Law Judge Donald R. Alexander, in addition to the Governours Office, et. al. , to restore the Palm Coast (‘Sheraton’) Resort oceanside and Palm Coast Beach Club oceanside a.k.a. SunSports’ Palm Coast Beach Club pursuant the F.T.C. ‘Consent Agreement’ and its’ ‘Compliance Report’ with Exhibits A and Exhibits B.

    We have asked that the Levitts’ I.T.T. C&R’s be unheld for that area of Palm Coast, Inc. so that any people potentially adversely affected would be assuaged; and perhaps the original *Design* plan of the Palm Coast Resort #1 of Palm Coasts’ two Resorts there be used to maintain the Heritage and History of ‘The Palm Coast Project’ as per the internationally known John Oldmsbee Simonds design for the Palm Coast Community of Hammock Dunes.


    This way the present owners/ future owners would also get a little something so that it would be viable as it once was all last Century.
    We previously asked the City of Palm Coast, pursuant the State of Floridas’ Honorable Attourney General Pam Bondis’ direction , to use their resources to pursue this so that we no longer are made fun of by being called ‘Palm NoCoast’ and Palm Coast ‘Ghost Town’. Sadly, we have not heard back; perhaps they are busy.
    Additionally, we have asked that our Federal REDRESS ‘Matanzas Woods’ Semi private Golf Course be given back and restored for the benefit of all the hundreds of Palm Coasters living in pain; that the Federal REDRESS Palm Coast Resort #2 on the Intracoastal be restored; making that area alive again and hopefully helping all the struggling Business Owners in the European Village some foot/ Resort traffic from this Palm Coast Resort on the Intracoastal and Palm Coast Resort Oceanside. We have also asked that the alleged ‘overcharges’ for Stormwater/Drainage for both we Palm Coast Pioneers/Early Purchasers and our neighbors in the Palm Coast Community of Grand Haven be addressed along with any and all other REDRESS Amenities/Features/Acreage be restored back.
    Sadly we overlooked at present the 1/3 future Palm Coasters owning ‘drop lots’; never ever being able to be full Palm Coasters; perhaps in a later communication they will have some hope also.
    We have not yet heard back from the ‘First Lady’ about giving us back our Palm Coasts’ first ‘Showcase Golf Course Neighborhood’ Park / and Parking area back; nor from the White House, nor the guidance of the U.S. Supreme Court/ Honorable Eric Holders Department of Justice, nor the Office of the Inspector General of the Federal Trade Commission about giving us back our Palm Coast Golf large Bar-B-Que Area and large ‘Pic Nic’ area , its missing REDRESS acreage, both with Views and Vistas of the Golf Course Waterway, nor the restoration of the other Palm Harbor Drive ‘Entrance Monument’ Golf Course Monument restoration etcetera.
    ..but, as with all the other ‘Palm Coast Predicaments’…it takes time…
    For the newer Palm Coasters’ – the Palm Coast Sheraton Resort oceanside, part of the ‘Company’ required official ‘Guided Tour’ that thousands and thousands of prospective buyers took, that Millions of people saw on the Merv Griffin Show and via other advertising promotions… was more than spectacular – hopefully ‘Sheraton’ will be approached and restore our Heritage and History – we respectfully suggested that the original *plans* be used, perhaps saving some bucks – maybe also helping with the Heritage and History of Palm Coast and also the efforts of making the area a ‘National Heritage Area’ thereby promoting the area more for ‘Tourism’ –

  2. James D.
    James D. says:

    Please Be True

    This would be very nice news to the community. As a resident of Hammock Beach, I can say that I for one would love to rid ourselves of Mr. A and the current regime and realty group. Since they came on board, they have forgotten about membership and only cared about selling their own inventory. Neither the club nor the realtors have worked with other realtors or members. I work with a small re company in Flagler beach and the in house realtors never allow us to show their listings or reject offers so they can monopolize both sides of the transaction. It is a sour precedent and practice.

    As far as who buys the resort, please cater to us members over the guests when possible. My wife and I are retired now and moved from South Carolina and attend and support all member functions and truly love the property and have made many special friends, but the overall member sentiment has been downhill recently with the me-me-me syndrome of management.


  3. Phil Chanfrau
    Phil Chanfrau says:

    Development Rights?

    Think of development rights as a checkerboard and enough checker to put two on each square. The developer can choose to put one on a square or two when he develops the land. Single family homes are one checker per square. Condos are 2 per square. Once all the land is built out he cannot go back and use up his extra checkers. He could have built more condos at first and used up his rights by creating more condos and greater density, but chose a more open development and used up land with lakes instead. The developer has the rights to put checkers (house or condo) on all the spaces on the checkerboard. Once he puts all of the checkers on the board there are no more spaces left. That is Ginn’s current situation. He has a handful of checkers but no place to put them. The DRI granted him the rights to develop up to 918 acres. he has developed in excess of 950 acres. He is out of land, and does not have the right to put the excess "checkers" on the golf course.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Historical Perspective

    For the newer Palm Coasters:
    Palm Coast, Florida – If you’re not among the lucky 11,000 or so who live here all the time, you can still enjoy the Palm Coast life for a week or two or more, at vacation resorts among Florida’s finest.
    Seeing is believing, so we shall let pictures do most of the talking.
    A pelican’s view of a people’s paradise…the Palm Coast beach, and new beach club, a place in the sun for vacationers and residents.
    The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort and Palm Coast Marina…early evening.
    The Harbor Club vacation ownership resort…Villas surrounding Oak Tree Island.
    You’ve seen the photographs. Now see the real thing. For Harbor Club sales information—vacations for a lifetime–contact your nearest Palm Coast sales office or call toll-free 1.900.874.1828 and ask for the Harbor Club at extension 870.
    To reserve your waterfront room at the Sheraton, call 904. 445.3000 and ask for the Harbor Club at extension 870.
    Palm Coast property owners can arrange for a holiday through area sales offices

    The PalmCoaster , Winter 1988, pp. 10-11.

  5. Greg Crowley
    Greg Crowley says:

    HB Member vs Guest

    Seems to me that what HB needs to support the overhead is a more effective membership strategy. Simply building more units and forcing anyone who buys one to be a member of the club while providing no real benefit of being a member is not a viable strategy. I have purchased three properties in the community over the years and now have only one. I have also acquired two HB memberships during that time which we enjoyed for several years. However, we ultimately decided to quite the HB club since we could not understand what exactly the memberships entitled us to that we could not get independently and for a lot less money. There are many people who spend limited time in the community – seems to me HB should find a way to differentiate between local and non-resident members, if creative I suspect they might lure some unhappy customers back.

  6. EW
    EW says:

    Homeowners’ Decision Has Consequences

    The purchase price of the Ocean Course for thirty million plus was assumed by many to be for "the golf course" when any reasonable person would know that is far too much for just a golf course. Now, comes the alternatives: (1)Allow a compromise development plan or (2) Sell the course at pennies on the dollar to some entity that makes it a quasi-public course to maximize returns or (3) Hand the keys to a lender and see it return to nature.

  7. Erin D
    Erin D says:

    Listen to his ideas!

    Hey guys,

    I am telling you that I have personally met Mr. Tremblay and his family. They were married at Hammock Beach Resort. I know that this place is special to them because the vacation there every month of March. I also think that for Hammock Beach to survive it is important to finish the development with the Homeowner’s onboard. How long will the Adler fund keep pumping money into this establishment? This is only a pension fund. I think it would be completely crazy not to talk to Mr. Tremblay and at least listen to his ideas. I know he would work closely with the homeowner’s. It is one thing to have a contractor onboard, but to have one that is in love with the place is an asset.

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