Positive Signs at European Village in Palm Coast

New tenants, tax deed sales, and foreclosures signal a possible turnaround at this Palm Coast Retail/Resort Condo Hotel project.

Palm Coast, FL – March 22, 2010 – European Village was conceived as a courtyard surrounded by first floor shops and restaurants with residential condos hotel units above. The project had problems from the beginning; squabbling partners splitting up, cost overruns (or financing under runs), a series of inept and/or deceitful hotel operators. The adjacent Players Club meant to serve as the amenity center for the resort hotel was lost to foreclosure. It remains vacant. Through it all, a small group of tenacious merchants kept the venue alive through sheer determination and by providing good customer service.
What European Village needs most now is a turnover of ownership control of the hotel operation and additional tenants to occupy vacant first floor commercial condos. It’s getting both now. The Red Sphere, a Japanese restaurant recently moved to European Village from an ill suited location on the second floor of Roma Court. [My wife recommends Red Sphere highly.] They are joined by CVB Homes, Cinnamon Beach Realty, a shoe store and a Verizon store. The new tenants join three existing successful E.V. restaurants; Barbara Jean’s, Mezzaluna Pizzeria, and La Piazza. Other stores that have stuck it out from the beginning include Europa Bar and Bistro, Blooming Flowers, The Humidor, and Coconut Island.
The original developer of European Village is Peter Roehr along with his partner John Koszalkowski. They had a falling out and John ended up with a judgment in his favor secured by liens on Peter’s European Village properties. Peter left town months ago. Unpaid taxes on his units prompted a tax deed sale scheduled for April 13th. Koszalkowski initiated foreclosure to recover his judgment. Ironically, the foreclosure sale is scheduled for April 29th. Either way, it looks as though Koszalkowski will likely take over ownership. Hopefully, he’ll take steps to revitalize the property.
Tax deed sales and foreclosure auctions are seldom thought to herald good news. That’s not the case at European Village. Here they signal a chance for a new beginning. European Village merchants deserve a break for a change.
If you haven’t been to European Village lately, check it out. Plan to stay for lunch or dinner.
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  1. Bill Wynn
    Bill Wynn says:

    European Village

    What a beautiful place and sometimes I wonder if it is too nice for Palm Coast. The problem is that for one to know that it exists, you have to 1. live locally, or 2. be told by a local. Every visitor that I entertain think that the building is a condo building. When we take them there they are astounded at the interior. Poor design and I blame the city for allowing it to happen. Just like City Walk, until recently one driving past would only think that it is an office building complex. Just recently signs were permitted on the street side and "lo and behold" looks what’s there. The shame is that some businesses have moved out or failed. I blame the city for permitting the design.

  2. George Meegan
    George Meegan says:

    Troll Village

    When they first started building the European Village, it appeared to be in a very peculiar setting, under the bridge. The first thing that came to my mind was the old story of the troll, that lived under a bridge.
    The initial sales were to investors all over the country, buying in on this unique property. The residential deals called for manditory package including furniture begining at $385,000. Back then in the early 2000’s it was thought the prices of Real Estate would go up forever. The rental income projected for these units was tremendous, as the on site management had it operating as a high end hotel. The Players Club was and still is a prime setting, away from the bridge, and full of Hammock oaks.
    The complex is one of a kind, and with the proper management and sales at the going market prices, things should pick and it will become a gem in Palm Harbor Neighborhood.

  3. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Amenity for Sections 1-19

    The copper colored roof reflecting the sun presides over a world – class tennis club.
    As we roll onto the bike path along a small lakes shore, where friendly ducks say hello "QUACK" – the Palm Coast Players Club spreads out before us…sixteen courts of grass, clay and hard surface; two racquetball courts beneath shady oaks; a swimming pool under the sun and trees; a two-story clubhouse with stadium courts on either side.
    This is where tennis was meant to be played…and watched.
    We park out bikes in the circular drive and step inside.
    The Players Care, serving light meals both healthful and delicious; the members lounge, a fireplace and big screen TV (:Breakfast At Wimbledon" is always a hit_ a full stocked pro shop so you can look sharp, in case your game is not; and downstairs, locker rooms and The Players Room, custom designed for aerobics and fun.
    The pros have stopped by…longtime Palm Coast Touring Pro Tom Gullikson, Stan Smith, Manuela Maleeva and Lisa Bonder played before a sellout crowd in November. Swedish star Makael Pernfors-10th in the world-came here to practice on grass with Gully in December. World Tennis magazine featured the Players Club as a Grand Slam Resort last fall. Tennis Industry magazine named it the best new courts in the country for 1987.
    The world is spreading, deservedly so.
    But this is only a pretty place to play tennis? Far from it. Ask the kids at the Munchkins clinics on Saturday mornings, or the league players on the men’s and women’s teams , or the fit and the soon to be of all ages, moving to an aerobics beat downstairs.
    They’ll tell you the Players Club is a place for tennis and good times with friends. It just happens to be beautiful , too.
    Now we follow the bike path into the deep woods, heading for the Intracoastal Waterway and the future…

    The 1987 Court of the year, Swedish star Mikael Pernfors practiced in palm Coast , Lunch is served at the Players Club.
    The Palm Coaster, Spring 1987, p. 4.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

    Reply to George

    The Players Club came about because it was the upgraded Palm Harbor Tennis Club Amenity for Sections 1-19 which is why it has a big pool since a Palm Harbor Swim Club was a Pledged Amenity to us also for Palm Harbor Sections 1-19. ( You can see addt’l reference to it in ‘…within walking distance…’ for us in The Palm Club Worldwide Advertising).

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