Pino v Bank of New York Mellon Heads to Florida Supreme Court

The Court issued a high-profile case order on Monday. Was there fraud on the court? The Florida Supreme Court will decide.

Palm Coast, FL – April 12, 2011 – On Monday, Florida’s Supreme Court issued a high-profile case order in Pino v Bank of New York Mellon case. In the Pino case, the lender had previously committed fraud on the court by submitting manufactured forged documents but was allowed to voluntarily dismiss the action and re-file the same suit five months later. A recent Appellate Court Opinion in the case says that the banks can dismiss fraudulent suits, go get their paperwork in order, re-file the same case, and essentially get away without any penalty for committing mass fraud on the courts. The Supreme Court will decide whether the Appellate ruling was correct.
The David Stern law firm originally represented the plaintiff. Stern’s firm came under investigation by the FL Attorney General’s office for massive robo-signing activities. The firm has since closed, leaving thousands of foreclosure cases in limbo.
The Pino case was one of two cited in a recent article titled Florida Foreclosure Judicial Tide Changing. That article also contains a link to a 60 Minutes segment on the foreclosure fraud crisis. I highly recommend you watch it.

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