Palm Coast Waits and Waits for Epic Theatres

Latest building schedule response from Epic Theatres is not encouraging.

Palm Coast, Florida – June 9, 2009 – The 14-screen movie theater and retail complex planned for Town Center in Palm Coast, FL is not coming anytime soon. Epic Theatres applied for a building permit to construct the complex in 2007. For a while, a sign offering leased space denoted the location at 1185 Central Avenue in Town Center. The sign is gone. The building permit, available for months, was finally issued (picked up by Epic) this year in February; just before it was due to expire. It now carries an August 30th expiration date.
When recently contacted for information on construction plans, Epic sent the following reply:
Depending on the condition of the credit markets, construction is scheduled for this fall/winter. Construction of 9-12 months is anticipated.
This is not welcome news to me or to several readers. Epic’s new St. Augustine theater complex is reported to be great, but it’s too far away. If you wish to send a comment to Epic, you can email them at (Corrected 6/10)
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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    EPIC fails tp preform

    Epic told me the same thing. They need to make a desicion and either start the project or get out of the picture and let us go for a reliable company like Regal.

  2. Charles Kane
    Charles Kane says:

    Epic’s St. Augustine Complex

    When I wrote to Epic early last week, I got the same bad news you did. They suggested I visit their Sr. Augustine Complex. I did. It is very nice and state-of-the-art everything. However it is surprisingly small for a theater with 16 screens. The biggest auditorium holds less than 200. We saw "Up" in 3-d and it was awesome.

    But the theater is 31 miles from my house and it took 45 minutes to drive there. I can get to Regal in Ormond Beach in half that time.

    Official census bureau figures now put the population of the Palm Coast area at more than 90,000. There are other larger theater chains out there which are opening new complexes with IMAX 3-D. Can we not interest them in building in Palm Coast? (But not in Town Center.)

  3. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Theater complex in PC Town center

    I would kill for a movie theater in the Palm Coast. I have told friends here, where we have a condo in a Hammock Dunes tower, that the reason I am reluctant to spend more time here is that I miss movies close by…I am a huge movie fan, love indies and all types of films. We almost made it…and I hate to see this hope go away.

  4. Charles Kane
    Charles Kane says:

    Other Locations?

    Question: About five years ago the owner of the now-defunct Act 3 announced to patrons he was building a multi-plex at the intersection of Palm Coast Parkway and Old Kings Road, near where the new Fairfield Inn is located. He seemed very excited about the project. Do you know what happened to it?

    It seems to me this high-traffic area would be a better location than Town Center (I say this even though the Town Center location is less than a mile from my home.)

    Judging from the interest and comments generated by your report, I would say there is room in Palm Coast for more than one theater. A good location would be near the new Kohl’s store.

  5. bob
    bob says:

    epic theaters

    Epic "pulled" the permit for the Palm Coast complex this past thursday. They were waiting to see how the St. Augustine site was doing. So we are going to get our own complex!!

  6. Corey
    Corey says:

    Epic is not epic!

    They pulled this ENDLESS delay crap up in St Augustine too. They had a coming soon sign up 3 years before construction began. I so wish Regal would take it over.

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