Palm Coast, the “City of Lists.” Somebody Tell Dave Letterman

“Where is Palm Coast?” asked David Letterman on his late night show. Nearly four years later, Letterman has faded while Palm Coast has stepped out of the shadows of its identity crisis.

Palm Coast, FL – August 12, 2014 – “Where is Palm Coast?” asked David Letterman on his late-night show nearly four years ago. Now it’s Palm Coast’s turn to say “Where is Dave Letterman?” The Palm Coast metro area (which includes all of Flagler County), has been named to so many national lists lately that that it is apt to become known as the “City of Lists.”

Back in the days when “flippers” were common and no one had heard of a “short sale,” Flagler County was named the fastest growing county (in percentage terms) in the U.S. in two consecutive years. The City of Palm Coast was the country’s fastest growing city in one of those years. Those lists didn’t work out so well. When the housing bubble burst, the area suffered to extremes more than other locations.

The slow but steady growth of Palm Coast’s recovery is paying off. Dave Letterman should take note of this metro that has hit the 100,000 people mark.

  • June:  HIS Global Insight ranked Palm Coast ninth on its list of metros with the fastest-growing economy, as reported in Forbes magazine.
  • August:  Palm Coast was named seventh among Small Places for Business and Careers by the Wall Street Journal.
  • March National Association of Home Builders ranked Palm Coast ninth in metros with the highest homeownership rate (number of owner-occupied/number of occupied units).
  • August “Where to Retire” magazine named Palm Coast to its list of “8 Low-cost Cities” for retirement.

Palm Coast’s reputation as Florida’s hidden gem is getting out. It’s not so hidden any more. And that’s a good thing.


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  1. Art Dycke
    Art Dycke says:

    Thank you and bless you Toby

    I had missed the “Where is Palm Coast” show and I thank you for making this available in order that we may archive and show it at the Palm Coast Historical Society. Art Dycke, City Historian.

  2. Ted Lesher
    Ted Lesher says:

    What’s The Link?

    I would like to include the link to the video in some of my emails but I can’t figure out what it is by inspection your post. Can you please send it to me? Thanks

  3. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to Ted

    You can right click on the video then chose “copy url” or simply send the link to my story (which I prefer) of find the video on Youtube. Search Youtube under “Palm Coast Letterman”

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