Palm Coast Real Estate Rumors and News Bites for June 18th

RaceTrac, Palm Harbor Shopping Center, Matanzas Golf Course, Chick fil A, New apartments near Target.

Palm Coast, FL – June 18, 2014 – Toby always has his ears up, listening for both facts and rumors. His sources have been busy.

First, the facts:

  • The site plan final review for Palm Coast Landings Apartments at Town Center, a multi-family residential project proposed to be built behind Target on the yet to be completed Landing Blvd is on the Planning and Land Development Regulation Board’s agenda for tonight’s meeting. The proposed new project will have 73 units. It’s proposed by the same developer that built Beach Village Apartments next to the Publix at SR 100 and Roberts Road. The same developer bought the Brookhaven condo development in Town Center and are converting it to apartments.
  • The new owner of the Palm Harbor Shopping Plaza continues to work with City of Palm Coast planners on details of their proposed reconstruction of the plaza. A site plan has yet to be submitted.
  • Chick fil A has submitted their proposed site plan for the former Perkin’s Restaurant location for internal review by the city planning department.

Now for the Rumors:

  • Several sources have told me that the Matanzas Golf Course is again “under contract.” buyer unknown. It is confirmed that several “people wearing dress shirts and ties and with clipboards have been seen visiting the Cypress Course. There have been staff reductions and schedule changes too at both the Cypress Course and Pines Course. And there is no more Nine & Dine at Cypress. The Grand Club membership role is apparently shrinking.
  • Proposed construction on the SW corner of SR 100 and Seminole Woods Blvd will be a new prototype RaceTrac gas station.

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  1. Robin
    Robin says:

    Palm Coast Realestate Rumors

    It is nice to see that something other than a dollar store is being built in Palm Coast. Seriously, how many dollar stores do we need?
    Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, with the unemployment rate as it is do people even have enough dollars to keep all of these “dollar” stores in business?

  2. Denis Logan
    Denis Logan says:

    Ahead Of The Market Upward.

    I have noticed all the emails from other board members for open houses. It seems more have Bonuses to the selling agent. A bonus, automatically causes me to do a comp. I have been looking at the MLS, doing my own comps, even though the market is headed up slowly still lots of overpriced homes out there. I can see some logic,that if a property is worth 80k maybe you could get an new, uninformed “Investor” come along and give you 85-100k cash. But at 300-500K, homes are almost always/always in a Mortgage situation and, of course then an appraisal. Sure appraisals will vary a little, but not enough to cover some of these prices?

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