Palm Coast Population Growth Signaled by Student Enrollment Gains at Flagler County Schools

While Volusia County talks about declining student enrollment and closing schools, Flagler County enrollment continues to grow.

February 18, 2008 – Palm Coast, FLPalm Coast and Flagler County statistics are often combined with those of Volusia County. But trends in one county do not necessarily mirror those in the other. While student enrollment in Volusia County is declining, Flagler County enrollment continues to expand.


Volusia County reports that the number of students enrolled in that county declined by 1,000 from last year. They expect the same drop again next year. Declining enrollment reduces school revenues by nearly $5,000 per student. Volusia is talking about closing up to seven of its schools.


Meanwhile, in Flagler County, the District is growing by an average of 120 students per month according to a District report. For those looking for good news amid the real estate slump, this is a welcome news. The newcomers have yet to impact the home building sector, but their arrival is pecking away at the inventory of unsold existing homes and foreclosures, keeping the home inventory from climbing. The high number of available homes for rent and affordable rental rates provides new arrivals affordable housing alternatives.


Flagler is experiencing a demographic shift according to Superintendent of Schools, Bill Delbrugge. In 2005, it was estimated that 17% of the county’s population was of school age. Delbrugge expects this number to climb to 20%.


Flagler County School District Website

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  1. Ken Dodge
    Ken Dodge says:

    Flagler’s student growth not all what it seems

    Many families are splitting with one or both parents out of town. The kids get sent off to the grandparents who are retired in Flagler and offer a stable home environment of the grandkids.

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