Palm Coast Plantation Homeowners Association having problems

The original developer, Florida Waterway Properties, has turned over the Homeowners Association to t

September 29, 2006 – See important update at end of article. It’s reported that Palm Coast Plantation developer, Florida Waterway Properties, has turned over the operation and control of the Homeowners Association to the property owners. This action was unexpected. It seems that there is not enough money in the association accounts to cover all costs. There is no longer a guard at the incoming main gate.

Update 10-2-06: There is one guard at the main gate from 10 AM to 6 PM 7 days/week. Florida law specifies that the control of the Homeowners Association must be relinquished by the developer to the property owners when a specified percentage of the total property has been sold. Florida Waterway Properties has turned over control under this provision. Property owners had not been told that the developer had been subsidizing approximately 50% of the cost of the association. This subsidy is no longer provided, creating a strain on the association’s budget. Certain cutbacks have occurred (notice that the pumps for the fountains are turned off) to conserve money. The Amenities Center with its tennis courts and swimming pool are closed. The Board is working on a revised budget for 2007. My sources say that this will probably pass, relieving the shortage. In the mean time, the Board continues to look for cost savings and concessions from the developer.

Another issue is the number of delinquent accounts. Many property owners have not paid their assessments. The developer did not vigorously pursue these delinquencies. Under the property owner controlled board, this will change. Associations have the legal right to lien delinquent property owners. Beside the credit implications of a tax lien showing up on their credit report, liened property owners will be unable to vote in any election or budget proposals until the lien is satisfied (paid).

Update 10-26-06: Apparently Florida law allows Homeowners Associations some latitude in "emergency" situations, exempting them from the normal limits of fee increases. This means that the Board can levy an assessment large enough to cover the budget deficit. Expect next year’s HOA assessment to be in the $1,200 range.

Update 11-17-2008:

Back in 2006, the Board of Directors and our community faced the daunting task to assume control over PCP from the developer. Their time and energies were well spent in that initial difficult time.


In 2007, the Board worked very hard to pull together all the various components PCPHOA ensuring that PCP was up and running.


In 2008, the Board of Directors and the developer, Florida Waterways, have successfully concluded their Transition Agreement and PCPHOA has firmly established itself under the guidance of our property owner controlled Board.

The Architectural Review Committee is now in the HOA’s hands and is working well to promote wholesome guidance to current and future building within Palm Coast Plantation

Furthermore, over the course of 2008, the Board has carried out an extensive review of every expenditure for services that are part of the on going administration and maintenance in PCP. The results of those efforts are plain to see in the excellent status of our current financials and in the improvement of those services and in the conditions found in PCP.


Looking forward to 2009, the Board is committed to continue to maintain our sound financial health and to make progress in maintaining and improving our community’s assets and our property values.


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    Palm Coast Plantation

    Toby the most recent issues with Plam Coast Plantation we valid. At this point the subdivision will be 100% operational in Jan 2007. The result of all the hard work that was done by the BOD resulted in the sub division having even better services started in Jan. Palm Coast Plantation will be the premeir sub division in the area.

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    It might be of interest to all of us who pay assessments what others are paying so we know if ours are comparable to others. Canopy Walk\\’s currently is $465/mo which includes $60 to Replacement Fund.

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