Palm Coast not on the Starbucks List of 616 Stores Slated to Close

Fears that the Palm Coast Starbucks store may close are groundless.

Palm Coast, Florida – July 18, 2008 – Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee released a list of 616 company-owned stored slated to be closed by the first half of 2009. The closings coincide with plans to eliminate 12,000 jobs. Starbuck’s current store total is 7,087. Fears that the Palm Coast Starbucks might close are without grounds. The chain plans to open fewer than 200 stores in 2009, less than half the original number planned.

59 Florida stores are on the Starbucks closing list. The nearest store closing will be at CR210, south of Jacksonville. None of the Daytona stores is slated to be closed. For coffee lovers needing to see a complete list of store closings, click here.

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