No More Hammock Beach Condos: NOPC Knocked Down on Appeal

Developer has ”no vested right to construct up to 561 dwelling units on 12 acres of land located in the Ocean Hammock Golf Course that is now platted and restricted in perpetuity for golf course…”

Palm Coast, FL – April 10, 2011 – A Recommended Order entered April 6th in Tallahassee by Administrative Law Judge D. R. Alexander appears to end the dispute between Ginn-LA Marina LLP, Flagler County, and Hammock residents over Ginn-LA’s plans to build additional residential units on land currently part of the Ocean Hammock Golf Course. Alexander’s Order says the developer has ”no vested right to construct up to 561 dwelling units on 12 acres of land located in the Ocean Hammock Golf Course that is now platted and restricted in perpetuity for golf course purposes only.”
Ginn-LA Marina is one of the hundreds of separate legal entities formed by Bobby Ginn and his financial partner Lubert-Adler. Lubert-Adler has severed its ties to Ginn. A subsidiary of Reynolds Plantation has taken over day-to-day operation of many former Ginn properties on behalf of Lubert Adler and was instrumental in the NOPC submittal.
At issue was a Notice for Potential Change (NOPC) submitted by the developer which, if accepted, would have allowed unused residential units previously entitled under the 1984 Ocean Hammock Development of Regional Impact (DRI) to be relocated into a newly created cluster (parcel) located on land platted for and currently occupied by the Ocean Hammock Golf Course and Clubhouse.
The NOPC process has consumed two years. The developer wants to have the entitlements in place to increase the value of the property for themselves or a future buyer.
All parties have the right to submit written exceptions within 15 days of the date of this Recommended Order. Any exceptions to this Recommended Order should be filed with the agency that will render a final order in this matter.

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  1. HB property owner
    HB property owner says:

    Not so fast

    You are getting ahead of yourself. Toby. This is a Recommended Order, not a ruling by FLAWAC. There are roads as yet untraveled, and appeals not yet made. I wish, as you infer, that it was over, but I doubt that it is.

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Welcome to Hicksville

    Well, I hope that the HOA’s at Hammock Beach are happy with this result, as they should be the only ones in all of Flagler County that is!!! Our major hope for future growth and economic development rested with the approval for the oceanfront hotel and the major hotel chain(read Ritz, Four Seasons, Marriott etc) to run it and make Hammock Beach a 4 or 5 star resort. Now it is back to the drawing boards, as Reynolds will surely drop its option to buy and Lubert Adler will need to find a lesser company to come in and run the place and will need many, many years, if ever, to make it other than what it will become, A WHITE ELEPHANT!!!

    Again, as with so many things that Governments "screw up", they undermine the welfare of the many for the "FEW" voters that they saw representing the HOAs against an organization that doesn’t represent votes. If they would only think beyond their noses, they would have seen that a major resort in Flagler County would have given us the "kickstart" for economic development that has been ever so elusive for many reasons that isn’t worth getting into here.

    Welcome to permanent "Hicksville" that this County will always be and its shortsighted Commissioners that have "damned" us all, when it could have easily been an easy decision that would have put us on the track to great growth and economic development!!

  3. Frank Lawton
    Frank Lawton says:


    THAT judge has some sense of right and wrong.
    All LA and Ginn have done is leave a path of destruction in every development they have touched. There are many hicksvilles scattered everywhere! They want to increase their property values? THEY are the ones who were complicit in overinflating homes and lots to start off with, I might add.
    I live in a hicksville that is now inhabitated by renters and people who purchased foreclosed homes for $500K LESS than where Ginn and LA had them priced. Those of us who were living here pre-Ginn have taken it in the chin from those crooks and have to live with it for years to come. I would move tomorrow if housing prices were not so low.

  4. George Edward Chuddy
    George Edward Chuddy says:

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