News from the Flagler County Tax Collector’s Office

Vessel fees are going up July 1st and the on-line tax certificate auction was much more successful than some other Florida Counties.

Palm Coast, FL – June 6, 2008 – I received two unrelated pieces of information from the Flagler County Tax Collector’s office today. Most important, the recently completed on-line tax certificate auction was successful. About 90% of the certificates were sold. By selling the tax certificates, local governments get immediate payment of past-due taxes from the investors who purchase them. Some Florida counties, particularly those in the center of the state did less well. Leon and Marion counties failed to sell about half their certificates. Highlands County also did poorly.
The tax collector’s office asked me to announce an upcoming increase in vessel fees (that’s boats). This has nothing to do with real estate, but some of my readers will be affected and I want them to save money. The increase is effective July 1, 2008. You can renew up to 3 months early, and you will pay the lower rate if you do so before July 1st.
Flagler County Vessel Fee Increase

Vessel Length

Thru June 30

As of July 1

Up to 12′ and motorized canoes



12′ or more/Less than 16′



16′ or more/Less than 26′



26′ or more/Less than 40′



40′ or more/Less than 65′



65′ or more/Less than 110′



110′ or more






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  1. John Raybon
    John Raybon says:

    vessel fees

    I am the President of the Flagler County Sportfishing Club. I was invited to a meeting a the County office about 3 months ago to discuses this tax. We have 200 memberships and about 160 boats in our club. I was told that there would be more meetings with the Boat Clubs and our Clubs representatives. It was said at the meeting that this would have to be voted on by the County Commissioners. Also would be in the News Paper before they voted on it. I guess that was not the real truth. I saw nothing in the News Paper about it.It also had to do the protecting the Manatees and funds for it. The county must have found a loop hole.

  2. Mike Casalino
    Mike Casalino says:


    Unbelievable! I went to the Palm Coast Yacht Club meeting on this a few months ago and was also told that there were going to be more meetings and a vote on it. This is the most unfair thing I have ever seen in my life, and it was explained at the meeting that most of the problem is occurring from transient boats in the ICW. I guess I\\’ll just leave my boat out of the water and give up boating! I\\’m tired of paying for other people\\’s mistakes. And I\\’m totally disappointed in Flagler County\\’s government. This is just another example.

    Mike Casalino

  3. jack kelly
    jack kelly says:


    It appears that the County Commissioners like to work in the dark, where nobody can see their shoddy handywork. I surmise they figured we would just roll over and pay this outrageous tax without a whimper. Well, between fuel and marina fee increases and now this, some boaters will start to find other less expensive recreation. HELLO …..Commissioners!, this is Florida, remember? Folks come here to enjoy the sunshine, water and beaches. You should be facilitating water activities, NOT taxing people out of them. See you at the next election.

  4. Toby
    Toby says:

    Reply to all

    I checked with the County Tax Collector\\’s office for clarification. I was informed that the vessel fee is imposed by the State rather than by the County. You can reach them at (386) 313-4160 if you have further questions.

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