Lots of Palm Coast and Flagler Co Real Estate Activity

Developers buying large parcels, builders pulling permits in numbers not seen since 2005-2006, another hospital, a resort hotel in Flagler Beach, Site Development at Beachwalk, and more.

Palm Coast, FL – December 4, 2020 – There is no doubt that Palm Coast and Flagler County are again on the map. Our market was the poster child of the housing bubble on both the upside and the downside. We’re back but in a good way.

Unlike the speculator and easy credit-driven boom of the early 2000s, today’s robust market is built on a firm foundation. Buyers are end-users rather than flippers, either occupying their purchase or putting it into a rental program. While loosening somewhat, credit still requires creditworthiness. Tax breaks, Covid-19, and riots have negatively affected the northeast and upper Midwest the most, prompting many residents of these cities and states to review their lifestyle options well before retirement. Southern and western states, particularly Florida, are the net beneficiaries.

Flagler County Pending Sales

Builders buying land

New Smyrna Beach-based Geosam closed two significant transactions during November. Geosam purchased three parcels totaling 62.12 acres on Old Kings Road S from Old Kings Ventures (Jim Cullis). The $1,500,000 transaction closed on November 13. The property fronts Polo Club West.

Geosam - Old Kings Ventures

Geosam’s second purchase was on November 23 of 293.9 acres near the south end of Colbert Lane. The seller was Waterford Investment Properties, Inc. from Orlando. The transaction closed for $4,285,000.

Geosam - Colbert Lane

November 19 saw Florida Landmark Communities close a $3,060,000 sale for 299.49. The buyer is Payzen PC LLC, of Port Orange. These parcels have been under contract twice over the past several years. They are designated for single-family homes.

Town Center

Single-family building permits are up by one third over the first 11 months last year.

A Second Hospital for Palm Coast

The Palm Coast City Council approved on first reading a proposed Hospital Campus on the west side of US Route 1 opposite the west end of Palm Coast Pkwy. The parcel is referred to as South Palm Coast Park. There has been no release of information regarding the proposed developer/buyer.

South Palm Coast Park Medical Campus

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The Gardens

Flagler’s Board of County Commissioners finally approved the development of The Gardens. Phase one will consist of residential homes on the east side of John Anderson Hwy.

The Gardens - location map

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Flagler Beach Resort

The Flagler Beach Planning Board unanimously recommended City Council approval of a 97-room hotel plus 10 for rent townhomes. Remarkably, the planning board meeting saw no citizen objections. The project is well planned and in sync with Scenic A1A development guidelines. It will be located at the site of the former farmer's market in Flagler Beach.

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Beachwalk on Jungle Hut

Site development is well underway on the 50 single-family home development on Jungle Hut Rod in The Hammock named Beachwalk. The builder will be Richmond American Homes.

Beachwalk development progress

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  1. Ben Schiffman
    Ben Schiffman says:

    Flagler County will eventually turn into South Flo

    Thank you for your informative article on the development in Flagler County.As always your posts keep us in the know of what is happening in the real estate side of things.I still have to say it pains me to see so much development in our area.It reminds me of the days of Bobby Ginn and when all was said and done he went bankrupt and hurt a lot of folks.As with many tangible assets they go through boom and bust cycles and the last bust cycle here was worse than the rest of the country.In a prior comment B James(not his real name, but i know who he is) singled me out and posted inaccurate information about my own situation of real estate holdings.I am not retired and am still very much gainfully employed.The property in the gated community is part of the last bust cycle and is still under water to this day. As far as my permanent residence, it was built in and already DEVELOPED community and did not change the footprint of the area.Your web site is terrific as well as your radio show to keep us all informed about what is happening in real estate, like it or not. I hope you are correct that we don’t see the bust cycle we saw 10 years ago due to the relocation of pandemic folks.I do see higher taxes and more roads in our future and this may not be the place to retire any longer. Thank you for what you do to keep us all informed

  2. Al
    Al says:

    “It’s called Progress”

    Yep…it’s call progress and at the same time I have to admit that I love our little corner of paradise. But this type of progress is what keeps our economy going with jobs..jobs..and more jobs. What is wrong with that? I seriously doubt that PC will look like South Florida…we have our own quality of unique beauty. Just take this progress with a grain of salt..all will be okay.

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